1-HINDI PAKHWADA: Birla Public School Middle section organized online HINDI PAKHWADA( 01Sept.2020 to 14 Sept.2020) for classes 9th and 10th during this three activities were organised like short story writing, news reading and slogan writing. The results are as under:


(A) VIDHAN 9G DS-656

(B) AMAN 9C 11435

(C) PARTH KEDIA 9C 11445






(A) LAKSHYA MEHTA 10B 11051 1st


(C) PRATEEK GOEL 10A 10967 2nd


(E) UJJWAL DHANUKA 10B 9794 3rd

2-ENGLISH STORY TELLING COMPETITION:-Intra Class English Story Telling Competition was conducted on 5th September, 2020 (Saturday) for classes V to VIII. The competition was divided into two rounds. First round was open for all students. For the final round top six participants were selected. The students were judged based on confidence, fluency, language and expression. The class wise results of the competition are as follows:-

Class V

1. Viraj Saraogi I Position

2. Prince Kumar II Position

3. AhaanBagree III Position

4. Aditya Pratap Singh III Position

Class VI

1. Vivaan I Position

2. MolikSethi I Position

3. ShauryaShekhawat II Position

4. Aman Rao II Position

5. Daksh Kadian II Position

6. Viraj Jha III Position

7. Daksh Sharma III Position

Class VII

1. Aditya Sharma I Position

2. Siddharth Sharma II Position

3. Gairik Sharma II Position

4. Prateek Bansal III Position

Class VIII

1. Kanishk Singh Ranjan I Position

2. Mohit Rai II Position

3. Jeevesh Agarwal III Position

4. Atulya Gupta III Position

5. Devansh Rai III Position

3- TEACHER’S DAY CELEBRATIONS:-Teacher’s day was celebrated in the school with fun and frolic. Indoor as well as outdoor activities were organized for the teachers.

4-All INDIA PLATINUM JUBILEE ENGLISH DEBATES:-The All India Platinum Jubilee English debates were conducted online from 7th to 11th September 2020. 16 RS schools locked their horns in 31 bouts of intense debates. The Emerald Heights ,Indore won the event and The Mody School, Laxmangarh stood the runners-up.

5-HINDI POETRY RECITATION COMPETITION:-Hindi Recitation Competition final round was held on 12th of September ‘2020 on MS Teams platform. This event was organized in two rounds; first round (Open Category) was held on Flip grid platform where students of the concerned class uploaded their video for the same. First round was held from 29th of August to 5th of September from Class V to VIII. The Final round was conducted on MS Teams on 12th of September, 2020. The competition was divided into three groups:

1] Montessori Category 2] Pre-Prep Category 3] Prep Category.

Result of the Competition is as under:-

Montessori Category-

1. Aman Rao I Position

2. Daksh Kadian I Position

3. Saket Sharma II Position

4. Viraj Saraogi III Position

5. Agrim Gupta III Position

Pre-Prep Category-

1.Gairik Sharma I Position

2.Aaradhy Mathur II Position

3.Saimon Roy III Position

Prep Category

1.Atulya Gupta I Position

2.Kanishak II Position

3. Jai Sancheti III Position

6- BPS MUN CONFERENCE 2020:- BPS MUN Conference 2020 was organized from 18th to 19th September 2020 with 31 schools and more than 150 participants from across the world. The alumni Maj.Gen. Abhay Dayal Mathur and Mr. S.S. Sandhu were the keynote speakers for the conference.

7-WORKSHOP ON ‘HOW TO MAKE EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS’:-A workshop was conducted on “How to make educational videos” on 17th of September, 2020 at 1:20 PM in the Computer Lab by Mr. Kailash Sharma. The objective of the workshop wasto make teachers aware how make educational videos and the use of different tools like screen recorder, voice recorder, MS power point etc. All the teachers of junior section attended the workshop.

8-INTER HOUSE YOGA COMPETITION:-The virtual Inter House Yoga competition was held in the Birla public school junior section on 22th September, 2020 on MS Teams. Four students from each house participated in this competition. Students performed different types of asanas. Mr.Hari Singh and Mr.Vinod Kumar Saraswat were judges in this competition.


1. Kishore House I Position

2. Kumar House II Position

3. Bal House III Position

4. ShishuGriha IV Position

9- SCIENCE WEB CONFERENCE SYNERGY 2020: A science web conference synergy 2020 was organized by Science Department, Birla Public School on 26 September 2020. The expectations of this conference were Interaction cooperation and coordination between children of different thought processes towards science to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects which was fulfilled completely. Topics like Quantum computing, black hole, sports medicine role of AI, Vayu Jal were discussed. The presentation was done by the students from class 7th to class 12 in 3 different categories. A total of 46 children participated in this conference. In Group A, Arnav Mehta scored the first position, Devansh Rai 2nd and Siddharth Sharma bagged the third position. In Group B Parv Shah, Dilawar Singh and Nischay Singh bagged the first, second and third positions respectively. In Group C Himanshu Malik, Tejovarsh Acharya and Kirtiman bagged the first second and third positions respectively.

10-ONLINE ART SUMMIT: Birla Public School Middle section organized online art summit on 30/09/2020 for young artists and makers for class 9th to explore the traditional/ folk art forms of their state and contribute as a young artist by recreating in their own way.

In this activity five young artist share and showcase their rich Indian traditional resources and materials in power point presentation with their own inspirational artwork.

Results of this event are:-

1. Marjit Dasgupta (Pattachitra of West Bengal) - 1st Position.

2. Anant Gupta (Zari Zardozi of Lucknow and Hyderabad) - 2nd Position.

3. Het, HetavDetroja (Embroidery work) - 2nd Position.

4. Aditya Gelani (Warli folk art) - 3rd Position.

5. Dilawarsingh (Madhubanipainting) - 3rd Position.

11- INTER HOUSE LIBRARY QUIZ:-An Interhouse Library Quiz was conducted for the senior section boys on 26th Sept.2020 in two rounds. Two teams were eliminated after first round and the other four went ahead to the final round. Vashistha House won the quiz, Kanad, Katayayan and Panini stood second, third and fourth respectively.

12-WEB SEMINAR ON YOUNG PRODIGY:The social science department of Birla Public School, Pilani organized a web seminar on Young Prodigy on 30/09/2020. It was a seminar based on the young sports persons like Sachin Tendulakar, MahendraSingh Dhoni and Pankaj Advani. Students researched on their life for 30 days and presented in the form of power point presentation, video and there was question session after presentation of each team. There were seven teams in this team and 24 boys from class VIII to class XII participated and enhanced their critical thinking and analytical skill through this seminar.

13-ORIENTATION SESSION ABOUT THE LEARNING DISABILITIES:-An orientation session about the Learning Disabilities has been conducted by Mrs. Vineela Prakash, special educator on 28-09-2020 (1.20 PM to 2.00 PM) in the computer lab Junior Session. The objective of this session was to give exposure about the Learning Disabilities.

The topics which are covered are:-

  1. Introduction of Learning Disabilities.
  2. Causes of Learning Disabilities.
  3. Types of Learning Disabilities.
  4. Symptoms of Learning Disabilities
  5. Interventions of Learning Disabilities
  6. Exemptions for Children with Disabilities in Board Exams.
  7. Question and Answer Session


a. CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL DOT DAY:-The students collaborated and celebrated International Dot Day 2020 with the students of Dubai and California (USA) on 21st September, 2020. Following activities were conducted on the above occasion: -

Number of participants – 11

Classes – V and VI, Country – Dubai

Activity – (Round Square activity) Sharing artwork on Padlet on the topic ‘Dot of my Life’

Number of participants – 11

Classes – V and VI, Country – California, USA

Activity – Virtual Conference Sharing artworkand narratives on the topic ‘Dot of my Life’

b. WBS CONCLAVE- ‘SUSTAINNOVATION’ ONLINE ‘YOUNG SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS’ CONCLAVE’- 2020 :- The conclave started on 21st Sept.2020 and got over on 27th September 2020. Six students from Birla Public School, Pilani participated in the event. Wansh Agarwal of Class XII Commerce prepared an article on - ‘Better late than Never’ - ‘AatmNirbhar Bharat’ .NOMICK TANTIA & VED SINGHANIA of Class XII prepared Social Enterprise Case Study on ‘Goonj’, a non-governmental organisation. WanshAgarwal, Viashal Mehta, Chirag Bansal and Nihal Agarwal of Class XII Commerce prepared ‘Entrepreneurship Project’ on MULTANI MITTI.

c. THE DOON SCHOOL VISUAL ARTS FESTIVAL:-The Doon School Virtual Arts Festival was conducted from 28th to 30th Sep.2020. More than 150 students from 25 schools participated in this event. Six students participated in the event. Aryan Sarogi and Kushagrapresented in the conference.

AUGUST, 2020


The Online Patriotic Solo Singing competition was held on the 13th of August, 2020. Dr Vijay Laxmi Choudhary was the overall in-charge of the event. It was an intraclass competition and was open for all students of all the section. Students recorded their performance and shared through Flipgrid. Mr K.K.Surothiya (Music teacher, BPS middle Section) was the judge for this competition. 25 students participated in this competition.


Inter House Commerce Quiz was conducted digitally on 08 August 2020 at 8.30 Am.2 boys from each house have participated and entire class XI & XII boys witnessed the Program PaniniHouse got the First position and Patanjali house bagged the runner up


An in-house presentation on NEP 2020 was organized in the junior section on 13th August 2020 by Mr P.K. Mallik, Mrs Narottama Sharma and Mrs Sonalika Singh.A presentation on the same was organized in Vijay Hall on 19th of August, 2020. Three teachers namely Mr P.S.Rajpurohit, Mr M.M.Sharma and Mrs Poonam Sharma gave the presentation.


Spell Bee competition was conducted for classes V to VIII from 22nd August to 26th August 2020. There were three rounds of competition. First two rounds were open for all the students in which two Socrative quizzes were conducted including Spellings of the words, word meanings, fill in the gaps, antonyms etc. The final round was conducted on MSTeam with finalists in which live quiz was conducted by the respective teacher-in-charge.

5.ENGLISH ELOCUTION COMPETITION FOR CLASS X: English Elocution Competition of Middle Section was conducted on 24 August 2020. There were three on-line practice sessions, where all the participants participated. English teachers Mr Himanshu Kumar and Mr A.K.DAS were present during practice sessions and guided them. The above-mentioned teachers also acted as judges during the final session, which was conducted virtually

6.ENGLISH RECITATION COMPETITION FOR CLASS IX: The English Recitation Competition for Class IX was conducted in the second week of August. 12 participants took part in the competition. The students were judged by Mr Himanshu Kumar and Mr Arun Kumar Das respectively.

7.WORLD QUIZ COMPETITION, 2020:- 14 students of our school from class 9th and 10th participated in the online “ WORLD QUIZ COMPETITION, 2020 ” organized by on 08 Aug 2020. There were 50 questions from world history and one had to choose the correct option in one second. Overall it was very interesting and our students were able to score 32 to 40 points.

8. FIT INDIA RUN:- Fit India run was organised for the staff and their children on August 24 ,2020.Capt(IN) Alokesh Sen was the chief guest of the program.

9.MONTESSORI DAY CELEBRATION:- Montessori Day was celebrated virtually on MS Teams. All the students of Junior Section joined the virtual meeting and attended the programme. The Chief Guest of the programme Capt (IN) Alokesh Sen welcomed the students and parents and interacted with the parents. He briefed the parents about the importance of Montessori Day for Birla Public School. Students performed Invocation, Speech on Madam Maria Montessori, English Song, Role Play in Hindi and English, Dance, Skating, yoga virtually. Students even explained the Science and Mathematics models. Headmaster Mr P.S. Rajpurohit presented Vote of Thanks at the end of the programme.


1.Yūgen: A Global Collaborative Platform for the Youth to Come up with Viable Solutions for these Trying Times Pathways:-11 students participated in the virtual RS conference Yūgen organised by Pathways School, Arawali from August 1,2020 to August 3 2020.

2. Indian High School, Dubai MUN:- 7 students participated in the MUN organised by IHS Dubai from August 1 to August 3 2020.

3. SAI MUN:- 7 students participated in SAI

MUN organised by SAI International School, Bhuvneshwar from August 13 to August 14 ,2020.The US Ambassador Kelly Craft and Joel Reifman were the Keynote speakers. 4.The Doon School, Resilience:- 3 students participated in the conference organised by The Doon School on August 11, 2020.

5.Trivandrum International School,Sanskriti:- 4 students participated in the cultural exchange program, “Sanskariti” held by Trivandrum International School on August 14,2020.

6.Chittagong Grammar School,Virtual RS conference:-7 students participated in the virtual RS conference organised by Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh from August 3 to August 4 2020.

7. “Hitler’s Action” History Collaborative Project with Argentina:- The school started working in collaboration with Godspell College Argentina on the topic Hitler’s Actions. The students will work in groups and study Hitler beyond the text.

JULY, 2020

1- INTER/INTRA CLASS GK QUIZ:- Online Intra Class for Grade 5 and Inter Class Competition for Grade VI to VIII was held on 18th July 2020. There were two rounds in the quiz. In the first round, all the students of each class participated in the quiz on Socrative. Top six scorers from each class were selected for the final round. The final round was conducted on MS Teams.
2- ONLINE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS COMPETITION:-The online musical instruments competition was held on 18 July 2020. This competition was organized by Dr.Vijay Laxmi. The competition was open for all classes. Students recorded their performance and shared through Flipgrid.
3- ONLINE ENGLISH POETRY RECITATION COMPETITION:- An inter class English Poetry Recitation Competition was organized for classes V to VIII. The first round was open for all students to share their poems by 21 July 2020 and six best entries were selected for the final round of recitation. Six students participated from each class on 25 July 2020. The competition was organized online on MS Teams and E Certificates were given to all the winners.
4- Library Activities( Middle Section and Senior Section):-Article writing, Story Writing and Book Summary Writing were held during the vacations in middle section and Biography writing, Story writing, Book Review, Article Writing, Curious Incident Writing Competition was organized for the senior section during the vacations. E certificates were given to all the students.
5-Online Hindi Debate for class 10th:- Online Hindi debate on the topic” Aabhaasi shiksha kaksha shikshan se behatar hai” for class 10th was organized in Middle Section on 31st July 2020.
6- Round Square Activities:-
a. Rajmata Krishna Kumari Conclave:- Eight students of Senior section participated in RKK International conclave from July 4th to July 7th 2020. It was a collaborative activity. The participants have received the certificates.
b. Indian High School, Dubai MUN:- Seven students of senior section participated in the international MUN organized by the Indian School , Dubai from July 1st to July 3rd, 2020. The participants have received the certificates.
c. Pathways World School, Arawali Round Square Conference:- Eleven Students of Senior section participated in the three day long enriching International virtual RS Conference from July 1st to July 3rd, 2020 organized by Pathways World School, Arawali.
d. Welham Girls’ School “Firgun” and “Meraki” Fest:- Five student of Middle and Senior section have sent entries for the online International Cultural Fest “ Firgun” and “Meraki” organized by Welham Girls’ School Dehradun. The results are still awaited.

JUNE, 2020

Round Square International Collaborations: -

a. RS INDIA ARGENTINA ENERGY COLLABORATION: - The project ended successfully after continuous meetings for six weeks. The students and teachers of both the countries shared their experiences and learnings in the last meeting. The links for the videos are as follows: -
b. ART AND ARTISTS ACROSS THE BORDERS: - The students participated in the international collaborative activity organized by SAI International School Bhuveneshwar. The children explored the Ghanaian artist El Antatus, Ansel Keifer, Kurt Schwitters and James Jean. They also replicated their art.
c. BLISS YOGA AN ONLINE COLLABORATIVE ACTIVITY: - BPS organized the Bliss-Yoga Activity online in collaboration with Round Square. 37 schools from across the world participated in the online Yoga program and the participants uploaded their poictures on the padlet.

School Activities: -

a. Online Debates: - Online English debates were conducted for classes IX and X on June 10 ,22 and 24 2020.

MAY, 2020

Round Square International Collaborations: -
a. RS INDIA ARGENTINA ENERGY COLLABORATION: - 10 students of BPS and three teachers have started working on an Energy collaboration under the Environment pillar of Round Square with 30 students and two teachers of The Godspell College Argentina. It is an online collaboration where the students of BPS will help the Argentinians to develop their own prototypes as PET CAT and Cyclonic Air Purifier.
b. SCINDIA KANAYA VIDYALAYA “NO INSTRUMENT MUSIC VIDEO CHALLENGE”:- Two of our students Uday Surothiya and Nihal Ranjan Nayak participated in the challenge. Their entries were sent to the respective school. Around 30 schools from across the South Asian Gulf Region are participating in the activity.
c. DHIRU BHAI AMBANI SCHOOL ROUND SQUARE ONLINE WORKSHOPS: - Two of our students Krish Chhapolia and Aditya Gelani are participating in the above stated workshops.Around 10 schools from across the world are participating in this activity.
d. INDIAN HIGH SCHOOL, DUBAI ROUND SQUARE “EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE” POSTER – MESSAGE WRITING ACTIVITY: - Four students, Krish Chappolia, Aryan Sarogi,Aniket Bansal and Himanshu Soni are participating in the activity. Our school has been paired with Punjab Public School NABHA. Around 30 schools from around the world are participating in this activity.
e. WELHAM BOYS’S “ZOOMING OUT COVID” INTER-SCHOOL STILL PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION: - Four students Arth Chauhan, Vishwash Singh( Senior Categoty) and Advik Sharma and Sahil Sharma ( Junior Category) participated in the competition with three pictures each on The Selfie, The Nature I See, Expression of Lockdown. Around 30 schools from around the world are participating in the competition.
School Activities:-
a. International Labours’ Day:- The Junior section celebrated International labours’ Day on an online platform called Padlet.
b. International Mothers’ Day:- The junior section celebrated the Mother’s Day on Padlet.
c. English and Hindi Storytelling Competitions:- English and Hindi Story telling competitions for class IX and X were organized by middle section from 30th April to 10th May. Aryan Saraogi got First Position, Prabir Sandhu got II position, Arth Rawat scored Third position in Class X. Kushagra Garg got First Position, Aditya Gelani got II position, Marjit Das Gupta scored Third position in class IX English Storytelling Competition and Aditya Bharadwaj got First Position, Karan Kathpalya and Neo Singh Chahar got III position in Hindi Storytelling Competition.

APRIL, 2020

Round Square Collaborations: -
a. Maria Public School Online Photography Competition: - Six students our school have sent their entries for the online Photography Competition hosted by Maria Public School Assam under the Round Square Collaborations.
b. Raj Mata Krishna Kumari Girls High School Online Painting Competition:- 15 students of our school are sending entries for the online painting competition on Covid-19 being hosted by RKK Girls High School, Jodhpur under the Round Square Collaborations.
c. Round Square IDEALS Challenge: - 10 Students are participating in the Round Square IDEALS Weekly challenge which includes five to six written and project related activities started on 12th March. The work done by the students is being published on RS Facebook page via school’s Facebook page.
Service:- Tejovarsh Acharya of Birla Public School, Pilani, driven by the spirit of service imbibed through RS association, not only donated Rs.25000 saved from his pocket money to the Collector of Bikaner, Rajasthan to help the people suffering from the pandemic, Covid -19 but also formed a team of volunteers and help sanitize the affected areas of his locality with Hypo-chloride. His team raised funds and distributed one-month’s ration (like wheat, rice, oil, spices etc.) to the needy and contributed 60 liters oil, 200 kg wheat flour and 100 kg sugar to an NGO "Sadev Annpurna Organistation". His team also distributed masks, sanitizers, gloves & water bottles to the frontline workers. Tejovarsh’s broad spirit of compassion made him serve even stray animals like cows and dogs in his locality. He has already garnered dollops of appreciation by designing a popular website,
Online Webinars :-
Sri Sri University Odhisha Facebook Live Webinar:- Our Principal Capt. IN Alokesh Sen was one of the panelists of the online webinar on the topic “Constant Innovation is the Key to Modern Day Education” held on 29th April 2020.
NABET on line Webinar:- The NABET coordinator and the Dy. Coordinator of our school attended a day long webinar held by Quality Council of India on 29th April 2020.
Career Counselling Webinars:- The career counselors of our school have attended online webinars held by Next-Level series, ICAE and Hapercollins.

To ensure all-round development of the boys , Birla Public School conducts diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. BPS has a vibrant Co - Curricular programme. BPS offers a variety of choices for their CCA and Clubs and Societies.


The school has dedicated music teachers in all three sections and students are trained in singing and playing variety of Indian and Western musical instruments.


At BPS children choice to learn visual arts such as painting, sculpture, collage, photography, oil painting, water painting, tempra painting, frescos, and murals. The school has trained staff and infrastructure for teaching clay modeling, woodcraft and metal craft etc.

Creative Writing & Public Speaking

 School provides opportunities for Creative Writing and public speaking. Story Writing, Essay Writing, Poetry recitation, Elocution, declamation and one Act Play competitions are organized.

All India Vidya Niketan Diamond Jubilee Memorial English Debate

 Every year on 31st August we host All India Vidya Niketan Diamond Jubilee Memorial English Debate. All leading IPSC Schools, Sainik Schools and Military Schools from all over India take part in it.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations which is popularly known as MUN, is organized every year. Reputed schools from India participate in it. MUN is aimed at making the students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

The participants gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of delegates and UN representatives .It is an opportunity for students to debate issues that confront world leaders and to draft resolutions in response to these global issues.

We are active members of SPIC MACAY. Every year, cultural programmes of SPIC MACAY are organised in our school. The aim is to cultivate a feeling of pride for the rich Indian Culture and desire to preserve it.
Clubs & Societies
There are various Clubs and Societies that allow the students to be in groups. The various clubs and societies are as follows :
Sahityika Club
The aim of the club is to develop creative writing in Hindi and English. Original writing are selected and read out by the authors themselves before an audience in the Sahityika Assembly.

Science Club

Its object is to popularize and create interest in scientific learning. It also organizes the Science Week every year with seminar, quizzes and essay writing contests etc.

Geography And Environmental Club

 Its objective is to spread awareness among the students about climate change, Rising Sea level, Nuclear waste, Pollution, Deforestation, Land & Soil degradation, Extinction of animal species etc. Its motto is to think globally and work locally.

Social Service League

 The Social Service League helps all the poor and the needy ones around the area. The Social Service League has also adopted some neighbouring Schools and caters to all the requirements of the needy.

On festivals the students assemble at the Godhuli Stadium in the evening. A brief talk by students and faculty members on various topics are a regular feature of the assembly. It is also the time for meditation. The students are trained to sit in silence for a few minutes and practice meditation.
Horse Riding Club
 The school has a vibrant Horse Riding Club. There are 20 horses in school stable. An experienced horse trainer assisted by well trained horse riding staff trains the boys in horse riding skills.

Band Club

 The School Band has two wings for Sr. and Jr. section. A well-qualified Band Master trains the students in band . The school band caters of the needs of all school functions and other national festivals.

Mountaineering And Rock Climbing Club

 The school has an artificial climbing wall for preliminary training in rock climbing and mountaineering. The students are taken to Uttarkashi and Darjeeling for further Mountaineering and Rock Climbing training.

Kalam Club

 Kalam Club is very actively functioning in our school. The children are planting different types of trees & going to villages to educate the villagers especially the girls.


 The School is also a member of a United Nations School Organisation. Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes of USO so that they develop a sense of patriotism and universal brotherhood.


The school has all three NCC wings; Army, Naval and Air wing. Students from classes VII to IX can join any one of the wings. Annual camps are an integral part of the NCC training. The NCC cadets join local rallies on Independence Day and Republic Day. Cadets are also chosen for Advance Leadership Training Camps and Rock-Climbing Camps. Attending the NCC camps is compulsory for all cadets.

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