To ensure all-round development of the boys , Birla Public School conducts diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. BPS has a vibrant Co - Curricular programme. BPS offers a variety of choices for their CCA and Clubs and Societies.


The school has dedicated music teachers in all three sections and students are trained in singing and playing variety of Indian and Western musical instruments.


At BPS children choice to learn visual arts such as painting, sculpture, collage, photography, oil painting, water painting, tempra painting, frescos, and murals. The school has trained staff and infrastructure for teaching clay modeling, woodcraft and metal craft etc.

Creative Writing & Public Speaking

 School provides opportunities for Creative Writing and public speaking. Story Writing, Essay Writing, Poetry recitation, Elocution, declamation and one Act Play competitions are organized.

All India Vidya Niketan Diamond Jubilee Memorial English Debate

 Every year on 31st August we host All India Vidya Niketan Diamond Jubilee Memorial English Debate. All leading IPSC Schools, Sainik Schools and Military Schools from all over India take part in it.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations which is popularly known as MUN, is organized every year. Reputed schools from India participate in it. MUN is aimed at making the students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

The participants gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of delegates and UN representatives .It is an opportunity for students to debate issues that confront world leaders and to draft resolutions in response to these global issues.

We are active members of SPIC MACAY. Every year, cultural programmes of SPIC MACAY are organised in our school. The aim is to cultivate a feeling of pride for the rich Indian Culture and desire to preserve it.
Clubs & Societies
There are various Clubs and Societies that allow the students to be in groups. The various clubs and societies are as follows :
Sahityika Club
The aim of the club is to develop creative writing in Hindi and English. Original writing are selected and read out by the authors themselves before an audience in the Sahityika Assembly.

Science Club

Its object is to popularize and create interest in scientific learning. It also organizes the Science Week every year with seminar, quizzes and essay writing contests etc.

Geography And Environmental Club

 Its objective is to spread awareness among the students about climate change, Rising Sea level, Nuclear waste, Pollution, Deforestation, Land & Soil degradation, Extinction of animal species etc. Its motto is to think globally and work locally.

Social Service League

 The Social Service League helps all the poor and the needy ones around the area. The Social Service League has also adopted some neighbouring Schools and caters to all the requirements of the needy.

On festivals the students assemble at the Godhuli Stadium in the evening. A brief talk by students and faculty members on various topics are a regular feature of the assembly. It is also the time for meditation. The students are trained to sit in silence for a few minutes and practice meditation.
Horse Riding Club
 The school has a vibrant Horse Riding Club. There are 20 horses in school stable. An experienced horse trainer assisted by well trained horse riding staff trains the boys in horse riding skills.

Band Club

 The School Band has two wings for Sr. and Jr. section. A well-qualified Band Master trains the students in band . The school band caters of the needs of all school functions and other national festivals.

Mountaineering And Rock Climbing Club

 The school has an artificial climbing wall for preliminary training in rock climbing and mountaineering. The students are taken to Uttarkashi and Darjeeling for further Mountaineering and Rock Climbing training.

Kalam Club

 Kalam Club is very actively functioning in our school. The children are planting different types of trees & going to villages to educate the villagers especially the girls.


 The School is also a member of a United Nations School Organisation. Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes of USO so that they develop a sense of patriotism and universal brotherhood.


The school has all three NCC wings; Army, Naval and Air wing. Students from classes VII to IX can join any one of the wings. Annual camps are an integral part of the NCC training. The NCC cadets join local rallies on Independence Day and Republic Day. Cadets are also chosen for Advance Leadership Training Camps and Rock-Climbing Camps. Attending the NCC camps is compulsory for all cadets.