2nd January 2017

Participation in Global RSC at Mayo college

  • The topic of the conference-Making Every Drop Count
  •  Duration- January 08,2016 to January 14,2017
  •  No of participants- (06) students & teacher delegates from BPS
  •  No of Schools participated-39(across the country & overseas)
  • Activities performed by the students- Baraza, campaign,adventure, service to various underprivileged schools & centres etc.
  • Resource persons from different disciplines like-
  • Ms Laxmi Dhaul, Mr Dadi Pudumji (Renowned Puppeteer),Ms Geeta Ramanujan (Great Story Teller) Mr Siddhartha Chakavarty (Environmentalist) etc
  • Various methods of saving water deliberated extensively by the speakers and through brain storming sessions.
  • Students had interaction with the various delegates and learnt about their culture and activities performed in their schools.They also exchanged their email ids with other school delegates.
  • It was an unprecedented experience for all the participants from our school.
Folowing are some pics of the same.