Cycling Expedition

Adventure activities are part of integral curriculum of Birla public school and we always do something different and unique which have a motive. Group of 15 students and 2 teachers went for cycling expedition from Manali to Leh and then paddling the highest motarable road of world I.e. khardungla pass(18380 ft). With motto of saving glaciers and awareness for reducing global warming. 

This was first event of celebration programs of Platinum Jubilee Year of Birla Public School .

 This trip included following ingredients of activities-

  1. Cycling expedition from Manali-Leh-khardungla pass.
  2. Visit to SECMOL and HIAL .
  3. Interaction with mr. Sonam wangchuk.
  4. Felicitation program at ITBP base in Leh.
  5. Social work at SECMOL.
  6. Awareness program on saving glaciers and global warming during cycling.
  7. Visit to batalik sector and last post on Pakistan boarder.
  8. INDO ARYAN culture .
  9. Visit to Pengong lake (worlds highest and biggest lake)
  10. Visit to CHUSUL post.(last India post on China boarder)
  11. Interaction with soldiers and knowing their life in these difficult areas.
  12. Geographic and waeatheric conditions of laddakh.
  13. Visit to famous Patthar sahib Gurudawara and it’s history .

Our school is celebrating platinum jubilee next year but celebration programs started from this session only and cycling expedition team feel proud to start our celebration with this first historic event of School .

Well begin is half done and bps is miles to go yet.

We started our cycling expedition from Manali on 22.06.2018 morning with mindset of “when the tough gets going, the going gets tough” 

After covering 600 kms. On one of the wildest route of world, crossing 7 passes with altitude of from 13000ft to 18380 ft., covering rivers, streams, no. Of valley, hills, plains and passes by cycling we reached Leh in 8 days on 29.06.2018 and 9th day  on 30.06.2018 we completed historic cycle ride to khardungla pass which is worlds highest motarable pass on height of 18380 ft.

During this historic cycling ride we crossed 7 passes out of which 3 are worlds top three highest motarable roads.

We paddle following passes 

  1. Rohtang(13050ft)
  2. Baralacha la (16975 ft.)
  3. Nakeela (15547 ft.)
  4. La chungla (16616 ft.)
  5. Tanglan la (17582 ft.)
  6. Khardungla (18380 ft.)
  7. Changla pass( 17688 ft.)

This cycling expedition covering these passes and reaching to worlds highest and coldest desert of the world I.e. laddakh gave proud feeling and team BPS set another milestone and feather in cap of our great institute Birla public school.

Our team faces all difficulties by nature and all faced all against weatheric conditions like rain,snowfall,avalanche,wind,fog,hail stones etc. nature tastes brave efforts of our young paddlers in all aspects but BPS believe in completing the mission with facing the challenges and finally we did it.

This trip was not only about cycling and exploring Manali- Leh route which is one of the wildest , toughest and beautiful route of world with a motive of spreading awareness amongst people for “GLOBAL WARMING and SAVING GLACIERS “ but activities which made this trip historic and unique was staying with students of SECMOL, worthy interaction with Mr. Sonam wangchuk about need and functioning of his unique alternative school(SECMOL)apart from that it was a learning experience for students to work on irrigation project with students of SECMOL and doing social service at campus of HIAL and SECMOL. 

Students visited each and every part of SECMOL and learned some of very basic but unique experiments of science in daily life like how to use direct solar rays to keep building warm, hand made solar owan, hand made solar water heater , natural cold storage and many more . This school is like school of inventions by students.

Students learned very unique and strong management system of school run by students only .

Interaction of mr. Sonam wangchuk with our students on reusing the natural waste and using solar energy in daily life was really very intellectual and learning experience.

This was a great learning experience for students of BPS. Our school set a benchmark for students of country. Mr. Sonam wangchuk assures us to work on other projects and joint adventure programs by BPS and SECMOL .

It gives a booster dose of confidence if your efforts are recognised,appreciated and felicitated. Our expedition team was given a warm welcome and feliciated by ITBP (indo tibbat boarder police) this function was organised by DIG ITBP mr. Jaipal Yadav who is  alumni of BPS. 

This program was covered by Different news channels and newspapers and efforts of our students was appreciated by gathering of atleast 700 officers,soldiers ,Civil officers and other digneteries present in function which was really motivating for heroic efforts of our students.

Next day begins with another big challenge for our team. We were invited by our another alumni BRIGEDIAR Yogi Sheoran who is posted in batalik sector of Kargil region as brigade commander of 192 brigade.

Our school expedition team was welcomed by people of red INDO ARYAN village with a cultural program . These people claim themselves as pure aryans whose ansesters were migrated from germany through gilgit to laddakh region. They culture and physical status is really unique, different,unexpected and unexplored for normal people because this reason is unexplored for civilian people and covered with military base. Our students had a great learning indo Aryan culture, life , language, livelihood and history of INDO ARYANS.

Next day was another big day for us when our alumni Brigediar Yogi Sheoran organised our visit to BOULDER POST on Pakistan boarder that is last post of batalik sector where Kargil war was fought. Standing with our soldiers on last post just 500mtr. From Pakistan post was such a proud moment which can’t be explained in words. 

Our stay in batalik sector was organised in TIGER HILL brigade . Staying on the proud and patriotic place of real heroes of Kargil war who conquered tiger hill and another peaks in drass,Kargil and batalik sector was unique, proud and remembrable. We are grateful to BRIGEDIAR Yogi Sheoran for this experience.

After coming back from batalik it was time to relax for our team and we left for famous pangong lake near China boarder which is located on height of 14300 ft and 130 kms. From Leh towards chusul (last post of India on China boarder).

Pangong lake is unique for its location , length and blue colour of water because of reflection of clouds. This is worlds highest and biggest lake on this altitude. Staying experience on this altitude near lake was refreshing and relaxing for our team after completing this historic expedition which was full of adventure,challenges ,tough,learning experience.

 Coming back to our esteemed institute after this brave , challenging and historic trip including different flavours of activities like adventure, cycling, project at SECMOL and HIAL, visiting boarder post , exploring unique INDO ARYAN culture , staying with TIGER HILL brigade, visiting highest and biggest pangong lake , felicitation at ITBP, Media coverage of our school is like really doing something and contributing to Birla public school and self exposer.