1. Attendance
2. Leaving School after the Board examinations
3. Electronic Gadgets and Electrical Appliances
4. Personal Hygiene
5. Clothing and School Uniform
6. Dining Hall Facilities
7. Canteen / Cafe'
8. Prep Time and Lights Out
9. Boarding-House: Internal
10. M I Room and Medicines
11. Banned Articles
12. Fire-fighting Equipment
13. Jewellery
14. No-Tolerance Policy
15. Travel and Exit from School
16. Sanctions
17. Out of Bounds
18. Luggage Room
19. Rooms
20. Sports
21. Vehicles
22. Violence and Vandalism
23. Basic Etiquette / Courtesies
1. Attendance
a. All academic lessons, activities, assembly and games as per the time-table/ daily schedule are to be attended. Attendance at all School events and entertainment is compulsory, unless exemption is granted by the House Master (HSM).
b. No student may leave the campus without the prior permission of the concerned House Master and/or Head Master(HM).
c. The School’s policy on ‘Leave’ must be respected and is non-negotiable. During the term, leave should not be sought, except in the case of wedding of a blood brother / sister, the demise of a close relative or a medical emergency.
d. Students are to return on time after vacation / exeat / leave unless permitted on special grounds. In the case of a medical problem, the School must be informed and the student concerned is expected to return with supporting medical documents which are to be submitted to the School Doctor.
e. Medical leave will only be granted by the Principal on the recommendation of the School Doctor. On return to the School, the student must deposit all supporting medical documents and medical prescriptions with the School Doctor. It is mandatory to submit the Personal Details Form & the Medical Pro forma duly filled.
f. Leave granted will only extend to two days, apart from the time taken for travel. In the case of a marriage, the invitation card must be attached. Leave must be applied for at least two weeks in advance.
g. Students may also be given leave for college-related entrance tests with the permission of the Principal on the recommendation of the Careers Cell and on submission of supporting documents i.e. Registration card / Admit card.
h. Students are not permitted leave just before the formal conclusion of a term.
i. Roll-call is given the highest importance; hence absence without any prior permission will be treated as a violation of School policy
2. Leaving School after the Board examinations
a. On completion of their last examination, all Board Examination students are to leave the campus with their parents immediately after the examination.
b. Alumni must take prior permission from the Alumni In-charge to enter the campus.
3. Electronic Gadgets and Electrical Appliances
a. Students are not allowed to keep or possess cell phones / SIM cards . These , if brought to the School must be deposited with the House Master on the day that the child arrives at the School. If a student is found with a mobile phone, the phone will be confiscated and destroyed.
b. Students are not allowed to keep or use any electric gadgets such as an electric kettle, room heater, iron, cooking appliance or any other electrical appliance.
c. Students are not allowed to bring to the School, televisions, speakers or any other equipment that creates disturbance.
4. Personal Hygiene
a. Students must bathe every day. Boys must have a neat short hair-cut which is above the collar and ear-level. Parents are to ensure that on returning, from vacation, the students have the appropriate hair-cut.
b. Nails must be cut regularly and kept short and clean.
c. Students are not allowed to colour, dye or bleach their hair. Use of henna is not permitted on the hair or body.
d. No piercing on any part of the body (except ear piercing for religious purposes) is allowed. Sporting of tattoos is not permitted on any part of the body.
5. Clothing and School Uniform
a. Students will wear neat and clean School uniforms at all times in School as well as on the journey home / to School at the end / beginning of a term, on outings and also when they represent the School. Blazers should be buttoned. In the Boarding House, students must be decently dressed at all times.
b. After classes, students may change into games kit or as advised in the daily schedule / calendar. After evening baths the students are to be attired in clean, white/house colour kurta and white pyjamas only.
c. No student is allowed to wear ‘floaters’ or ‘crocs’ during class hours with the School uniform unless allowed by the School Doctor for medical reasons. d. Sikh boys must wear blue turbans / ‘patkas’ whenever they leave the Boarding House.
e. Only plain ‘floaters’ or ‘crocs’ are permitted after classes. No fancy footwear is allowed.
6. Dining Hall Facilities
a. Attendance at all meals is compulsory.
b. No student is allowed to fast during meal-times for any reason, unless permitted by the School Doctor for medical purposes.
c. There are no special seating arrangements according to diet or social background and students are expected to be seated as assigned by the House Staff.
d. Students are to serve themselves and no junior or any other student will serve anybody at their tables.
e. Proper decorum must be maintained during meal-times in the Dining Hall.
f. Students and Staff are to consume the meals provided by the School in the Dining Hall only.
g. There must be decorum observed when Grace is said before meals.
h. Students are not allowed to take any cutlery, serving-dishes or any other utensil / equipment out of the Dining Hall. They may not carry out anything that has been served in the Dining Hall.
i. In the Dining Hall, students must ensure that vacant places are occupied near that of the Tutor, engage the Tutor in conversation, greet visitors entering the Dining Hall, be polite to non-teaching staff and observe table-manners. There should be no wastage of food. Students must consume everything that they have served themselves.
j. Staff residences are ‘Out of Bounds’ for students.
k. Students may not take any personal favours from members of staff. No staff member or a member of their family may be a Local Guardian to a student unless they are a close relation. No student may be in possession of keys to any School property.
7. Canteen/Cafe'
a. A Canteen/Café facility is provided on campus. No student is allowed to visit the Canteen/Café on non -designated days. Infringement of this rule will lead to the serious repercussion of having the facility shut down for the entire House / School.
b. All purchases in the Canteen/Café will be against coupons/cheques and no student is allowed to use cash / credit / debit cards.
c. The Canteen/Café is to be kept neat and clean by all users.
8. Prep Time and Lights Out
a. Prep time is to be strictly followed as per daily schedule.
b. Prep is to be conducted in complete silence.
c. After dinner, students are not permitted to move out of the House except in special circumstances / emergency with the permission of the House Superintendents who will keep the HSM informed of such special circumstances.
d. ‘Lights out’ timings are to be strictly followed.
9. Boarding-House: Internal
a. All rooms in the Boarding-House must be kept neat and clean during all times of the day.
b. Beds must be neatly made and covered with counterpanes when not in use (i.e. except during sleeping hours and the afternoon rest-time as per schedule).
c. No student is to bolt or lock the dormitory at any time of the day or night. No student is permitted to climb on to the roof of the dormitory or sit or lie on the balconies. No sports equipment may be taken into a dormitory. Students are not allowed to play any outdoor games inside the Boarding Houses.
d. No student is allowed to enter another Boarding House without the permission of the House Staff. In particular, no senior student is permitted to enter a junior student’s dormitory and no junior is permitted to enter a senior student’s dormitory.
10. M.I. Room and Medicines
a. The M I Room’s Out Patient Department (OPD) timings are to be strictly followed.
b. The School Ambulance will be commissioned only for a medical emergency on campus.
c. No student is allowed to keep any medicine in his room / cupboard. Only the Medical staff may administer medicines prescribed by the School Doctor.
d. In case of a medical emergency, the School Doctor is to be immediately contacted at the School’s emergency number.
e. Students who wear glasses or contact lenses should give the School Doctor a copy of the ophthalmologist’s prescription. No coloured glasses or lenses are to be worn. Students who wear glasses or contact lenses must have an extra pair to be submitted to the Boarding House Staff.
f. Parents must inform the School Doctor of serious medical conditions such as a recent surgery, allergy, asthma or any other important medical information.
g. The School refers students to doctors on its panel of specialists. Parents who wish to refer their ward to another doctor must request for this in writing.
h. Every student visiting the M I Room should carry a referral slip signed by the subject teacher and Section In-charges except during morning break when the medical mobile facility is available in the Academic Buildings.
11. Banned Articles
a. Students are not permitted to keep match-boxes, lighters, candles, correction fluid, incense-sticks, firearms, crackers, knives, weapons or any other potentially dangerous items.
b. No cash or valuables are allowed in the School. Valuables will not be the responsibility of the School. Any balance of journey money should be handed over immediately on return (at the beginning of the Term) to the Housemaster & returned to the parent / student at the end of the Term against the respective signature of the parent / student. If this is not done and money is caught on the student, it shall be confiscated and will NOT be returned to the student/parent under any circumstances.
c. Students are not allowed to operate credit accounts with anybody nor use or keep credit / debit cards.
d. No expensive personal articles are permitted.
12. Fire-fighting Equipment
a. Students are not allowed to tamper with fire-fighting equipment.
13. Jewellery
a. Students may not wear any jewellery. Students may wear inexpensive watches only
b. No gold chains are permitted. If a stone is to be worn for religious reasons, the student must string it on a strong black thread and wear it under his uniform.
c. Sikh students are permitted only thin ‘karas’.
14. No-Tolerance Policy
a. Parents are requested to personally supervise their ward’s packing before the start of the Term. Banned articles, if found, will result in strict disciplinary action.
b. The School follows a policy of ‘No-Tolerance’ which implies immediate expulsion for the following: i. Possession / consumption of contraband such as correction fluids (whiteners), cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any other intoxicant. ii. Bullying, including physical / verbal/ substance abuse and running ‘favours’. iii. Sexual contact with another student or any kind of assault on anyone. iv. The possession and viewing of pornographic materials. v. Climbing on to roof tops in the boarding houses or any School building.
15. Travel and Exit from School
a. In the absence of a parent or authorised guardian, students are only allowed to travel with School Escorts sanctioned by the School Management.
b. Students may go out only with their parents or with local guardians carrying a letter of authority from the parents of the child concerned. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to leave with drivers or attendants.
c. Parents may not stay in the School after 7:00 pm.
16. Sanctions
a. The School Management may impose sanctions against a student as may be deemed fit for the following offences: Playing truant during classes.
· Having money / unauthorized mobile phone in one’s possession.
· Physical or verbal abuse of a fellow student
· Stealing
· Vandalism of School property or another fellow student’s
· Disrespect shown to a teacher
· Repeated disobedience
·Repeated tardiness in following a School schedule
· Insulting the office of a Student leader
· Returning late to School from leave or a vacation without permission from the Principal/Bursar
· Breaking bounds
· Putting one’s safety or that of others at risk.
· Any other violation of School code of conduct.
b. Immediate expulsion of a student will take place in the event of
· possession of cash, alcohol, cigarettes, narcotic substances, firearms or other weapons
· Sexual contact with another student
· Serious Physical abuse of a fellow student
· Watching pornographic materials
· Illegal mobile phone
· Any other serious violation
17. Out of Bounds
The following places are out of bounds:
a. All School laboratories / computer centres without the presence of an adult.
b. Roofs of all School buildings.
c. Utility areas.
d. The Swimming-Pool, except during swimming hours. The Life Guard must be present during this time.
e. Staff Residences and areas demarcated for Staff parking. On Sundays and Holidays the Academic Buildings are out of bounds for all students unless supervised by a member of Staff.
18. Luggage
a. Suitcases are to be kept inside the bed-boxes. All very large-sized baggage is to be kept in the Luggage-Room. All articles of daily use are to be neatly kept in the cupboard space provided to each student.
a. The School reserves the right to conduct searches of rooms, dormitories, lockers, cupboards, clothing, bedding, boxes or any other personal effects of students.
b. Students are expected to clear their lockers and other spaces occupied on the last day of each semester. The School will not be responsible for any article left behind.
20. Sports
a. All students are expected to participate in sports on a regular basis as scheduled by the School. However, if a student is unfit for any medical reason, due sanction needs to be taken from the   Principal on the recommendation of the School Doctor with supporting medical documents.
b. Special playing-fields are to be used for a specific sport.
c. No student is to be punished for underperformance in any sport.
d. If a student has been medically excused prior to a match, permission has to be sought from the School Doctor before allowing the student to participate in the match. If a student is admitted in the M I Room during class hours, that student may not take part in sports activities for the rest of the day.
e. The School will not tolerate dangerous play or unsporting behaviour.
f. If a student has been exempted from sports due to medical reasons, under no circumstances will such a student be allowed to participate in any sports activities. HSMs need to take special care on this front.
g. No staff member / student / outsider is allowed to swim alone in the pool. Swimming is only allowed with an official Life Guard present.
h. Sports equipment is to be kept with the Sports Department or Housemaster/ and is not to be kept in the dormitories / classrooms.
a. No vehicles, including motorbikes / scooters are permitted inside School except for those belonging to the staff (or their guests) and these must be registered at the Main Gate.
b. Students are strictly prohibited from travelling in staff cars.
22. Violence and Vandalism
a. Violence against a member of the School community will not be tolerated. b. Destruction or damage by a student to any School / Boarding-House /
another’s property on the School campus will lead to strict disciplinary action.
c. The School upholds a ‘Zero-Tolerance’ policy towards any attempt to disparage another person’s religion, caste, culture or social or economic background. This also extends to any attempt to hurt the sensitivities of a person who is differently-abled.
d. No student is to boycott another student socially or organize any such boycott.
23. Basic Etiquette / Courtesies
a. Courteous behaviour is the hallmark of a good education (i.e. wishing all staff and visitors the time of day, keeping hands outside pockets, being respectful and courteous in interaction with others etc). It is expected that every student conducts himself in a manner that reflects favourably on the School and its insistence on the highest standards of courtesy.
b. In the classrooms and elsewhere in the Academic Block, students must maintain a learning environment which implies that decorum and discipline are to be observed.
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