There is a simple reason Birla Schools were founded. Schools didn't exist before we came along
"...You are here laying a foundation for the future of India and you are performing a very sacred duty. All that I want to say is, don't be contented with what you have achieved. The law of nature is either you move forward or you have to move backward. Therefore, if you want to move forward, you have to constantly work hard with determination and devotion..."

Shri G.D. Birla

School Activities

School Activities

January 2019

70th Republic Day Celebration:-

The School celebrated 70th Republic Day on 26th January, 2019 in BPS Campus and in Birla School Playground. Students participated in Band, Scout March past and Yoga Display.

Video Conference:-


Video Conference was conducted by Ms. Neelam Mata and Ms. Radha Sharma                 

Date-  January 29, 2019 i.e. Tuesday with Ukraine at 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm.

Topic -  For the sake of Our Memories (Seasonal Festivals and Holidays)

Resource Person – Talashevych Liudmyla

Participation - Class VI A and B with 20 Students.


Inter School BET Science Quiz(Junior Section).:-


Inter School BET Science Quiz (Junior Section) was conducted on 29/1/19 at BBVP at 4pm.  Our School secured second position in the quiz. The following students participated in this competition:-



Student’s Name


House No.



Vivan Kaine Pradhan










Parth Sharma





Inter School BET Science Quiz (Middle Section): Inter School BET Science Quiz (Middle Section) was conducted on 30/1/19 at BBVP at 4pm.  Our School team secured second position in the quiz. The following students participated in this competition along with 15 students:-



Student’s Name

House No.



Krish Kumar




Parv Shah

Ds 639



Mudit Khandelwal



Martyr’s day:   A Special assembly was organized by the Mahavir house on Martyr’s day in Vijay hall. Student’s presented the life sketch and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.

Meeting of Kishore House Boys with Head Master:- A meeting of Kishore House Boys with Head Master, Jr. Sec., was held on 29.01.2019. Following points were discussed.

1.    Discipline in the House and Importance of Self Discipline.

2.    Leadership traits among the children.

3.    Good communication skill with sufficient vocabulary.

4.    Target oriented or focused study or any task.

5.    Academic performance of children.

6.    Multi talent, innovative/brilliant ideas of children.

7.    Different destination for annual tours.

8.    Formation of team of good Table Tennis players of House and daily practice in games time.

Following points were suggested by children.

1.    Offline dictionary in tablets.

2.    Inter house Kabaddi Match.

3.    Inter house cube making competition.

4.    Availability of football coach for Jr. Sec. boys in games time.

5.    Net for goal post in Jr. Sec. Playground.

Commerce Talent Search Examination: Commerce Talent Search Examination for the session 2018-19 was conducted on 20th January 2019 in the senior Academic Block . 110 students of class XII and XI was appeared the CTSE.

December 2018

  1.Hindi Declamation Competition–

  Hindi Declamation Competition was held on 5th of December 2018. There were two categories: -

  Montessori group and Prep group.

  Montessori Group :-

        1. Aditya Raj, 2. Hriday, 3. Bhavishya  Sharma

 Prep Group:-

        1.Aditya Bhardwaj and Danish Arora, 2. Raj Agarwal,  3. Mohd. Shakib

2- Scholastic Test:- Scholastic test was conducted at 22 centers in India on 9th December 2018.

3- Inter House Volleyball Competition:-Inter House Volleyball Competition held from 10.12.18 to 13.12.18. 36 students participated in this competition.

1st  Position – Kumar Griha

2nd  Position -  Kishore Griha

3rd  Position – Bal Griha

3- Inter House Badminton  Competition :-Inter House Badminton Competition held from 10.12.18 to 16.12.18.    24 students participated in this competition.

1st  Position – Kumar Griha

2nd  Position - Bal Griha

3rd  Position – Kishore Griha

 4-Industrial Visit:- Fifty Two students and four teachers of commerce stream visited Uflex and Motherson Sumi at Noida from 13th December 2018- 15th December 2018.

 5- Inter House Indoor Games Competition: -Inter House Indoor Games Competition held from 16.12.18 to 19.12.18. 36 students participated in this competition. The following students are the winners of respective events:-

1. Chess -                     Chera Karlom   (Bal House)

2. Carrom -                   Gautam Sharma (Bal House)

3. Table Tennis –          Shubham (Kumar House)


6-Bhoor Singh memorial Art and Calligraphy Competition:– Bhoor Singh Memorial Art competition was conducted in the middle section on 15th December’18. Students from different BET schools participated under different age groups.



Name of the student















7-Thar expedition’18: 43 boys along with 3 escort teachers started their journey for Thar on 21st December’18. The age group of boys is 13-14 years. Middle section has started organizing the desert expeditions from last year to develop the endurance in the students and giving them exposure to the various life skills.


8-National Children’s Science Conference:-Four students along with a science teacher,Mr.Rahul Sharma attended the National Children’s Science Conference from 27th December 2018-1st January 2019 at S.O.A Bhubaneshwar. Our both the projects bagged gold medals in the competition.


9-SGFI National Handball Tournament:- Twelve students of BPS and four students of YPS,Mohali along with two escorts, Mr. Sukhpal and Mr. Rajnikant are attending the SGFI Nationals from 30th December 2018 – 5th January 2019 at Shivpuri (MP)


10-Counselling Session:-A counselling session for commerce stream boys was organized by the school on 5th Dec. Mr. Rajendra Singh Bhati CMA and Mr. Harendra Pareek from CMA from The Institute of Cost & Management Accountant of India, addressed the boys. They were welcomed by Principal Capt. Alokesh Sen (IN) Rtd. and they informed the students about the institute which is the latest version of ICWA.

11-Workshop For 12th Class Commerce:-A workshop for 12th class commerce stream boys was organized by the school on 10th Dec 2018. Dr. Vikas Vijay (Famous Writer) was the resource person. He gave valuable tips about scoring high marks in accountancy. The programme was named as ‘Marks Enrichment’ for commerce stream boys.

November 2018


1- Hindi Creative writing competition –

        Hindi Creative writing competition was conducted on 02.11.2018. All the students of class III to VII participated in this competition.

Result :-          Class


Name Of Students

House No.


1                         III




2                         III




3                        III




4                         IV




5                         IV




6                        IV




7                        VA




8                        VA

Harsh Chahar



9                        VA

Navneet Kumar



10                     VB

Gairik Sharma



11                     VB

Abhigyan Bhagat



12                     VB

Jasnoor Singh



13                    VIA

Parjanya Agrawal



14                    VI A

Advik Sharma



15                    VIA

Jai Sancheti



16                    VIB




17                    VIB




18                          VIB




19                          VIC

Raj Sudarsan



20                         VIC

Arnav Singh



21                         VIC

Sahil Singh



22                         VIIA

Shreshya Raj



23                          VIIA

Vatsal Singhania



24                          VIIA




25                           VIIB

Anirudha Singh



26                             VIIB

Abhishek Kumar



27                             VIIB

Jitendra Singh



28                             VIIC




29                             VIIC

Krish Kumar



30                             VIIC

Hari Narayan



31                             VIID

Ayush Raj



32                             VIID

Aditya Varma



33                            VIID




34                            VIIE




35                             VIIE

Ashutosh Kumar



36                             VIIE

Yash Raj




2- Video Conference –Video conference was conducted by Ms. Priyanka Tomar

                                                Date- 02.11.2018

Class- VII

No. of students-  25

Time- 6:45pm to 7:45pm

Country- United states

Topic- Mystery Skype & Cultural Exchange

3- Deepawali Celebration –

The festival of lights, Deepawali was celebrated from 06th to 08thNovember 2018. The students enjoyed a lot through the following activities:-

a.      The launching of sky lantern.

b.     Deepawali Poojan.

c.      DJ Night

d.     Movie

4- Children’s Day Celebration –

TheChildren’s day was celebrated on 14th of November in Jr. Section. Teachers presented various items during the Morning Assembly. Students presented various songs and dance in the cultural evening.

5- CBSE National Archery Competition 2018-19-


Name of  Participants

House No.



Siddharth  Prasad




Prince  Kumar








Pankaj  Sharma




Nikhil Poonia




Rahul Godara










CBSE National Archery Tournament 2018 held at The Great India School, Raipur(Chhattisgarh) from 15 November 2018 to 18 November 2018 for under 14 and 17 categories. Following students along with Mr. Ganesh Charpota participated in the competition and in U 14 school secured III position and in U 17 Ist position. Our School Team got National championship award.

6-Fifth International Art Meet :-

Fifth International Art Meet was organized by Birla Balika Vidyapeeth from 16th to 24thNovember,  9 students participated and learned the various techniques of art from the artists of 35 countries.

7-SpicMacay:-The Sambalpuri dance was performed on 22nd Nov., by the group of 15 artists of Sambalpuri Lok Kala Parishad under the banner of SpicMacay.

8-Gurunanak Jayanti:-Gurunanak Jayanti was celebrated on 23rd Nov. and prasad was distributed in the mess. Students attended the program in CEERI.

9- BET InterSchool Band Competition-The Brass band of our school participated in the Interschool BET Band competition held at BIS Kishangarh from 25th -26th Nov.

10- Dr. Amarjeet Singh General Science Trophy Test 2018-2019-

Birla Public School organized Dr. Amarjeet Singh General Science Trophy Test -2018 on 17/11/18 from 3:00 pm to 5: pm in senior section academic block. Six schools namely Birla Public School, Birla School Pilani, Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Birla ShishuVihar, Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School Pilani and CEERI Vidya Mandir participated in this exam. Total number of participants enrolled were 150 and 146 students appeared for the exam. Invigilation duties in this exam were performed by two teachers from each school. Evaluation work for this exam was done on 24/11/2018 by teachers from all the participating schools. BPS Pilani bagged the first prize in Dr. Amargeet Singh General Science Trophy 2018 (Sr.)

Dr. Amarjeet Singh General Science Trophy Test at Birla School, Pilani:-Dr. Amarjeet Singh General Science trophy test  2018-2019  was held on 17 Nov 2018 at Birla School, Pilani,  conducted by Birla Balika Vidyapeeth.  students of class 7-8participated in this Test.   

11- Inter house Skating Competition 2018 -19-

Inter House Skating Competition (Rink & Road) held from 19.11.18 to 20.11.2018. 50 students participated in this competition. Results are as given bellow:-

1st  Position – Kumar Griha

2nd  Position -  Bal Griha

3rd  Position – Kishore Griha


1st position – ShishuGriha II

2nd Position – ShishuGriha I

12- Video Conference - 


Video conference was conducted by Mrs.Neelam Mata  and Mr. Kailash Sharma

Country – Hanoi, Vietnam    Time – 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
 Topic -  War Stories
Resource Person-  Ngoc Dieu Nguyen

Class – VII E (24 Students)

Date- 20.11.2018


13- English Debate Competition –

English Debate Competition was held on 22nd November 2018. Two students from each section of class VI & VII participated in this competition.

Topic for class VI was:-

“Written Exams only measure the memory of the students not their learning.”

Topic for class VII was:-

“Reservation in caste does more harm than Good.”


Results are as given bellow :-











Aavi Shahi

























Danish Arora








10- Inter house Yoga Competition 2018 -19-

Inter House Yoga Competition held on 24.11.18. 35 students participated in this competition. Results are as given bellow:-

1st  Position – Kishor Griha

2nd  Position -  Bal & Kumar Griha


1st position – ShishuGriha II

2nd Position – ShishuGriha I

14- Geography Awareness Week –

Geography Awareness week was celebrated in the Birla Public School, Jr. Section from 19 November to 24 November 2018. Various activities were rganized to develop the interest in Geography among the students.

·        Special Assembly was presented by ShishuGriha on Monday. There was a presentation on the theme for  “ Endless days and Nights”.

·        Online Quizes were rganized for classes VI and VII on Tuesday and Thursday.

·        Poster making Activity was conducted in ShishuGriha I and II on the theme for “ Green Planet” and “Global Warming” respectively.



15- Meeting of ShishuGriha Boys with Headmaster –

The Head Master (Jr Sec) chaired the meeting with the boys of ShishuGirha on 25thNov, 2018 between 9 am to 11 am in the school lawn.
The boys shared their experience of staying in the hostel. They also discussed about the achievements they made during the session 2018-19.  Head Master (Jr Sec) emphasized on the use of English language in the campus and divided the students into small groups to closely monitor the enhancement of conversational skills in English. The meeting ended with a happy note where the Head Master organized the outdoor activities. 

16- Annual Day Celebration –

The 74th Annual Daywas celebrated on 30th of November 2018. 58 students participated in Band, Archery and Scout march past in Outdoor program. The Art, Science, Maths, Social-Science and Archive exhibitions were organized on this occasion.Students interacted with chief guest. The cultural program "Abidha"was organized in the evening where the students displayed their talents through the programs like English and Hindi skit, Mime, Songs and Dance.

Alumni day was celebrated on 1st of December. The students and old boys enjoyed Hockey on skates in Jr. Section, Volleyball and Cricket match in Senior section.The Band was displayed by the Junior students. The Alumni also presented a cultural program in the evening.






October 2018

CBSE WEST  Zone Archery Competition-  Total 14 students of our school participated in this competition from 28/09/18 to 30/09/18 in Mayo College Ajmer. Out of them 5 students were there from Junior section. Master Siddharth Prasad has been selected for CBSE National Archery Competition. Results are as given bellow -                                                                               







Siddharth Parsad





Shourya Bansal





Daksh Jain





Atulya Gupta

DS 669




Krish Singhania





CBSE West Zone Chess Competition -04 students participated in CBSE West Zone Chess Competition held at G. D. Goenka Public School, Gwalior from 03rd Oct to 05th Oct  2018.

S. No.





Shreyash Chopra



Devansh Goenka



Sarthak Vij



Daksh Sharma


Video Conference -    A Video Conference was conducted by Mrs. Aditi Choudhary on the topic “Changing Climate on 4th October, 2018 at 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm with New York, USA.  27 Students of Class VIID participated in it

Video Conference -    A Video Conference was conducted by Mrs. Neelam Mata on October 08, 2018 i.e. Monday with  Daura, Africa at 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm on Topic -  Learn about the importance of culture in our lives
 The Resource Person was OKPALA UCHE LIN, 28 students of class VI B participated in it.

Inter House G.K. Quiz: - The Inter House G K Quiz was conducted in Middle section on 06th Oct 2018. The five houses of Middle section participated. Two students from each house ( each from classes VIII and IX) were the participants. Mr. Manoj Tiwari was the Quiz master of the Same. The Result for the same is as follows:-







































Motivational Lecture :-Dr. Sharad Sarin,  professor XLRI and an alumnus of BPS gave a motivational lecture to the staff and students on 14 October 2018. He motivated the students to exploit their full potential and dream big.

 IPSC Volleyball Tournament :-BPS teams (U-14 and U-16) finished runners-up in the IPSC Volleyball tournament held at Vallabh Ashram School, Valsad on 24th October 2018. Rohit Basera was adjudged the Best Player of the tournament and eight players have been selected for the Nationals.

 Round Square Conferences :-Six students each from middle section attended Round Square Conferences at different places under different pillars.

i. Round square (leadership), Doon School, Dehradun from 4th -7th October 2018

iii. Round square social service project Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hissar 15th  -19th October 2018

iv. Round square adventure camp Daly College Indore. 17th -21st October2018

These conferences were aimed at developing global competence, character and confidence among students.


Sanskrit Shloka Competition -The Sanskrit Shloka Competition was held on 11th of October, 2018. Two students from every section of Class VI and VII participated in this competition.

Master Akshat Kedia                           I Position

Master Karan Kathpalya                     II Position

Master Rounak Jindal                         III Position

Master Moh. Aarib                             III Position

Video Conference – A Video Conference was conducted by Mrs. Priyanka Tomar. 25 students of class V and VI on 10th October, 2018 at 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm with Thailand the topic was “Tell me something about yourself (cultural exchange)

 Video Conference -   A Video Conference was conducted by Mrs. Narottama, Mr P.K. Mallik and Mr. P.K. Tanwar.15 Students of VI A,B and C participated in video conference with Wyedean School UK on 16th October 2018 at 1:10pm on topic Education system in India and UK . Mr Robert the principal of that school also participated in the conference.J. K Rowling , the famous writer is  the alumni of the school.They were amazed to know  that Madam Maria Montessori was our school associate .


Vijay Dashmi :-Vijay Dashmi was celebrated with befitting zeal. During godhuli function, bhajans were sung by the students and Dr. Abhinav Shukla and Mr. M M Pathak gave talks on the importance and relevance of the teachings of this festival in the modern times.

Bharat Scout & Guide Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp – The Bharat Scout and Guide had organized a Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp from 23 to 26/10/18 at Dist. Head Quarter Jhunjhunu. 7 Scout of our School and Scout Master Mr. Kailash Sharma participated in this Camp. The Scout appeared in This Test. Result awaited. List of Participants –

IPSC Yoga championship – IPSC Yoga championship was organized in Scindia School ,Gwalior Fort on 24th& 25th oct. 2018. The total participants in this tournament were 16 in all categories (U-14,17,U-19) in event Artistic Yoga, Rhythmic Yoga & Athletic Yoga. The Birla Public School has actively participated in this tournament under the supervision of Dr. Hari Singh. Our students got 11 Silver medals &overall, we got 3rd position.

Medal winner students are-

1.     Ankit Kumar                – 02 Medals (U-14 Athletic & Artistic Yoga)

2.     Ronit Lohia                 – 01 Medals (U-14 Athletic Yoga)

3.     Pragya Prashant          -01 Medals (U-14 Athletic Yoga)

4.     Pranab Jain                -01 Medals (U-14 Athletic Yoga)

5.     Kshitij Gaharwar         -01 Medals (U-14 Athletic Yoga)

6.     Abhishek Meel            -01 Medals (U-19 Athletic Yoga)

7.     SabhyaTokas              - 01 Medals (U-19 Athletic Yoga)

8.     Nikhil Malik                 -01 Medals (U-19 Athletic Yoga)

9.     Krishna Dubey             -01 Medals (U-19 Athletic Yoga)

10.  Gaurav Singhi             -01 Medals (U-19 Athletic Yoga)

Three students were selected for SGFI Nationals.

1.     Ankit Kumar of SG II  House

2.     Ronit Lohia of Kishore House

3.     Nikhil Malik of Patanjali House

CBSE West Zone Handball Tournament :-BPS Handball Team finished second runners-up in the CBSE West Zone Handball Tournament held at BPS, Bharatpur from 12-16 Oct 2018.

 CBSE West Zone Skating Competition-16 students participated in CBSE West Zone Skating Competition held at R.M.G Maheshwari Public School, Surat from 24th  Oct to 27th Oct  2018.

S. No.





Aviral Shukla



Atharv Gupta



Rudra Prashant Borde



Bhanu Pratap Singh



Sambhav Jain



Trish Jain



Himanshu Choudhary



Paras Gujjar



Rudra Pratap Singh Arora



Jeevesh Agarwal



Gourav Rathee



Veer Kadiyan



Janak Khandelwal



Karan Kathpalya



Divya Agarwal



Bharat Ghanwani


SQAY Martial Art National SGFI Selection –SQAY Martial Art National SGFI Selection for the age U-14 & U 19 held at Jamuna Mishra Academy, Pilani from 26/10/18 to 28/10/18. Our 17 Students participated in this competition and four students have been selected for SGFI National.

1.     Sivansh Jindal                    4. Nihal Ranjan Nayak

2.     Suryansh Mohta

3.     Pranjal Sharma

IPSC Skating Competition:-13 students participated in IPSC Skating Competition held at B. K. Birla Centre for Education, Pune from 29th  Oct to 31st  Oct  2018.

S. No.





Himanshu Choudhary



Paras Gujjar



Rudra Pratap Singh Arora



Jeevesh Agarwal



Veer Kadiyan



Janak Khandelwal



Karan Kathpalya



Divya Agarwal



Bharat Ghanwani



Shivansh Pratap Singh



Abhivansh Shukla



Raman Beniwal



Harsh Yadav


Hindi Debate Competition –Hindi Debate Competition was held on 31/10/18 in Montessori Hall. Two Students from every  section of Class VI and VII participated in this Competition. Details are as given below –

1.     Sahil Singh                   I position                    VI C      Kumar House

2.     Sarthak Duhan             II position                   VII A     Bal House

3.     Vaibhav Raj                 III Position                   VII D    Bal House

Inter House Swimming Efficiency Test:- The Inter house Swimming Efficiency Test was held from 8th October to 13th October 2018.The result is as follows:-

                        Seniors:-                      Middle:-































September 2018

· All the students went for outing on 1 September escorted by their respective teachers, to the Bits and enjoyed the shopping.

· Vivekananda MUN was conducted on 2nd and 3rd of September 2018.Discussions were held on the committees namely UNGA and HRC related to preventing terrorists from acquiring weapons for mass destruction as well as on Human rights on Afghanistan.

· B.E.T Teachers Felicitation Programmewas celebrated on 5thSeptember on the occasion of Teacher’s Day in Vijay Hall in the evening.

· Inter-House Swimming Competition Heats were held on 6th and 7th September and the finals were held on 10th September,2018.The chief guest was Capt(IN) AlokeshSen.The results are as follows:-



Sr. Section

Middle Section

Junior Section















· Hindi Week was celebrated from 8th to 14th of September 2018. Activities like Poem Recitation, Essay Writing Competition, Poem Writing Competition, Story Writing Competition and Debate which were Inter House were conducted at various venues in the Middle Section.

· 9 students of Birla public school participated in All India IPSC boxing tournament held at Rashtriya Military School, Dholpur from 11th Sep. to 14thSep. 2018.

o 175 boxers of 12 schools participated in tournament.

o Our boxers did well in tournament and won 6 medals with 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

· All the students of Class IX attended the Counselling Session by Mrs. Salony Priya on 8thSeptember 2018 at 9.00am in the Lotus Hall of the school.

· English Spell Bee competition was held for all the classes III to VII on different days, starting from 12 September to 17 September. There were three rouds of the competition, including dictation, Socrative and final for the selected students.

· The Inter House English Debate was conducted from 15th of September to 19th of September, 2018.It was conducted on the Cambridge format.The final of the above was held on 19th of September, 2018 in the Vijay Hall of the school. Principal Capt. (IN) Alokesh Sen was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Dayanand House won the Inter House English Debate Trophy for the session 2018-19. Master Shaurya Pratap was adjudged the best speaker of the debate.Master Saubhagya Agarwal was adjudged the Overall Best Speaker of the debate.

· Hindi Poetry Recitation competition was organizedon the occasion of Hindi Diwas, ie 14 September 2018. Two boys from each class were selected.

· The Inter House Hindi Debate was conducted from 15th of September to 19th of September, 2018.It was conducted on the Cambridge format. The final of the above was held on 19th of September, 2018 in the Vijay Hall of the school. Mahavir House won the Inter House Hindi Debate Trophy for the session 2018-19. Master Kartik Agarwal of Buddha House was adjudged the Best Speaker of the debate. Master Spandil Dhaka of Vivekananda House was adjudged the Overall Best Speaker of the debate.

· 5 boys were escorted by Mr. A.K.Mishra to Birla School, Pilani to participate in the BET Hindi Writing Competition on 22nd September 2018 at 10.30am.

· 70 boys of Class VIII, escorted by Mr. D.C.Mishra went to BBVP to attend the lecture on Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Manish Singh, Mr. Piyush and Mr. Anirudh Singh Rathore on 22nd September 2018.

· All the students escorted by teachers in charge proceeded to their respective destinations of the educational tours and treks on 22ndSeptember2018 and returned safely to school on 1st October 2018.

· CBSE West Zone Archery Competition was held at Mayo College, Ajmer, from 29 September to 1 October,2018. 14 Students, including 5 students from junior section participated in this event. Our students won gold medal and school got First Position in this event.

· IPSC Volleyball Tournament was held from 29thSeptember to 1stOctober 2018 at Vallabh Ashram School, KillaPardi, Valsad (Gujrat). OurU-17 Team and U-14 Team bagged the Runners up Trophy. RohitBasera, of Class XIC was declared as the best player of the All India IPSC Volleyball tournament.

· The school football team participated in all the three category's under 14,17 and 19:U-14 team participated in Doon school football tournament, Dehradun, from 27th August to 1st September 2018. and secured 3rd position in prestigious Doon school juniors football tournament.,U-19 team participated in Mayo college football tournament from 3rd to 7th September 2018 and qualified for the quarter finals.

· U-17 football team participated in all India IPSC football tournaments which were held at Sanawar School, solan, HP. from 09/09/18 to 13/09/18. Total 22 teams participated in the tournament. Final match of tournament was played between Whelham boys and BPS, BPS won the tournament by 3-2. The Following students of BPS team were awarded the Man of the Match: 1.Ankit Kumar twice, 2. Ruben Saxena twice, 3. Pritam Neogi 4. Arush Singh and following 6 players are selected for SGFI Nationals : Ankit Kumar, Pritam Neogi, Sudhanshu Ranjan, Aarush Singh, Vaibhav Raj and Ruben Saxena.

· U - 19 team participated in IPSC Football tournament, which was held at Emerald Height International School, Indoor, MP from 17th to 22nd September 2018.


August 2018

Inter House Football Match

Inter house Football matches began from 31 July 2018. Kishore house stood first.

Annadurai visit

Birla Public School, Pilani, organized inauguration of Platinum Jubilee Year (2018-19) on 6th August 2018. Dr. M. Annadurai, Director, ISRO SATELLITE CENTRE, Bangalore was the Chief Guest on this occasion. He had an interaction with the students of BPS in which students asked vivid questions related to his research, rocket science and Indian space.

He presented himself as an example, and explained his journey in Indian space technology as a scientist.

At last, he released Science Magazine prepared by teachers and students of the school.

Inter Institutional Patriotic Song Competition

An Inter Institutional Patriotic Song Competition was organized on 14 August 2018. BPS bagged the first position.

Independence Day

The 72nd Independence Day was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm on 15th August,2018 at 7.45am in the Jr. Sec. Playground of the school. Honorable Principal, Capt (IN) Alokesh Sen was the Chief Guest on the occasion.


BPS MUN was conducted from 17-08-2018 to 19-08-2018. There were six committees. Seven schools, BPS, BBVP, BIS,BSP, Emereld Heights Indore, Mody School lakshmangarh, and BRCM Bahal participated in it. First edition of the BPS MUN digest,” RECONARD” was released during the event. The Sec.Gen. for the event was Uttarksh Sharma (Head Boy) and the Deputy Sec.Gen. was Jitesh Lakra.

Inter School Sanskrit Shloka Competition 25-8-2018

Inter School Sanskrit Shloka Competition was conducted in the Vijay Hall of the school on 27th of August at 10.00am.17 schools participated in the competition. The first, second and third positions were bagged by Vidya Devi Jindal, Hisar, Dalmia School, Chirawa and Birla Public School, Pilani respectively.


Rakshabandhan was celebrated on 26 August 2018. All the teachers and students attended the pooja and tied Rakhi to the students.

Doon School Football Tournament

16 boys of the section along with Mr. Siddharth Rai went to Dehradun to participate in the Doon School Football Tournament on 27th August,2018 at 2.00am. B.P.S. stood third in the tournament. Master Aditya Narayan scored a hat-trick in the tournament.

Inter House Science Quiz

Inter House Science Quiz Middle Section was conducted in the Vijay Hall of the school on 27th August ,2018 at 3.35pm. It was won by Mahavir House.

Expert Lecture

63 students went to BBVP to attend an Expert Lecture at 3.30pm. The topic of the lecture was 'Remote Sensing and its Application'. Focus of lecture was on the application part of Remote sensing.

Montessori Day

Montessori Day was celebrated on 30 August 2018.Director B.E.T. Maj. Gen. S.S.Nair was the chief guest of the programme . The students presented various cultural programmes including Montessori speech, Hindi and English skit, Sanskrit song, Dance drama , dance, skating stunts , martial arts, band and Science , Maths and Art Exhibition.

All India GD Birla Platinum Jubilee Debates

The All India GD Birla Platinum Jubilee Debates was conducted from 30th August 2018 to 2nd September 2018.The event was based on modified Cambridge Format of Debates.14 teams participated in the event including the 2 teams of the host school. The opening ceremony was held on 31st august 2018 and the closing took place on 2nd August 2018. The host school bagged the trophy for the year 2018-19 and the Mann school, Delhi stood the runner-up for the year.

July 2018

Activity Based Workshop for Classes VIII (Chemistry),IX and X(Biology)

Mrs. Babita Sharma took a Chemistry workshop for classes 8th A, B and C on 12th July’2018 in Vijay Hall. Activities like, Reaction of metals with water, Reaction of metals with air,Reaction of iron with copper sulphate, Double displacement reaction, Getting colour of pH paper in acidic basic and neutral medium like lemon juice, soap solution, milk and water were performed by the students which gave them a chance to perform the above stated experiments on their own.

Biology activities on the topic of Osmosis, Respiration and Photosynthesis were conducted in middle and senior section on 12th ,13th ,28th and 29th July 2018 by Mr. AnirudhaSingh Rathore and Mr. B.D.Sharma respectively.


Pahari Mandir Visit:-Pahari visit was organized for the students of Senior, middle and Junior sections on 12th ,14th and 17th July 2018.

Two students from senior section participated in Cryptic Crossword Contest City Round 2018 held in KV 2, Jaipur. Birla Public school managed third position in the contest.

World Peace Day:-Special assembly on the occasion of World Peace Day was prepared by Dayanand House on 12th July 2018. The boys opresented the life sketch of great leader Nelson Mandela through a presentation and skit.

World population Day:-The world population Day was celebrated on 13th July 2018 in Senior Section. Mr.K.K Acharya gave a presentation on theme “Family planning is Human right”. He also discussed the statistics for distribution of life span like sleep, working, recreation like TV watching etc.

Hindi calligraphy competition:- Hindi calligraphy competition was held on 14 July2018 in Junior Section.

International Nelson Mandela Day CelebrationsInternational Nelson Mandela Day was celebrated on 20thJuly 2018 in Vijay Hall at 4:30. Students presented the life sketch of Nelson Mandela through Power Point Presentations, Declamation, Song, Skit, and Quiz. Principals,15 Students and 5 teachers from other BET schools also attended the function. Director BET Major Gen.S.S. Nair presided over the function as a Chief Guest.

XXIV Inter Public School Science Quiz (PRISM ) 2018Bahal:-A team of three students ( Ayush Sharma , Manoranjan , AumkaarIyer Ganesh) of class XII participated in XXIV Inter Public School Science Quiz (PRISM ) 2018 held at Bahal ,Haryana on 21st July 2018.

Kargil Vijay Diwas – Special assembly on Kargil Vijay Diwas was organisedby Guru Nanak House on 26th JULY’18. The sacrifice and heroism of the brave soldiers is portrayed in the presentation.

Inter house Hindi recitation and Elocution:-Inter house Hindi recitation and Elocution of middle section was held in Vijay Hall on 26th JULY’18 in evening. The competition was in two categories i.e. HINDI ELOCUTION – CLASS- 8 and HINDI RECITATION - CLASS -9.





Rajan (MH)



Spandil Dhaka (VH)



Krish Bansal (BH)



CYBER SECURITY WEEK:- Cyber security week was celebrated in the school from22nd JULY’18 -28th JULY’18. Special assembly on cyber security was conducted by the computer department on 22nd July2018. The event further was followed by the poster making competition and quiz competition. A guest lecture on cyber security was delivered in middle section assembly by Mr. DEVENDRA GUPTA HOD Computer. The result of the completion are as follows:


Poster Making












An inter house Poster making competition for junior section was held on 24th July 2018 to celebrate Cyber safety week. Bal house stood first, Kishore house stood second and Kumar house secured third position.

An inter house Computer quiz competition was held on 28thJuly2018.Kumar house scored first position, Bal house stood second and Kishore house secured third position.

The week culminated with BET Inter Institutional IT Quiz which was hosted by BPS. Director BET Major Gen. S.S. Nair presided over the function, Dr. Navneet Goel Professor IT Dept. BITS was the guest speaker for the function. Birla Public School bagged the first position, Birla International School bagged the Second position and third position was bagged by Birla SishuVihar.

English Poetry Recitation Competition (Junior) :- English Poetry Recitation Competition was conducted on 30 July 2018,

Inter house English Recitation and Elocution(Middle Section):- The Inter house English Recitation and Elocution held in Vijay Hall on31st JULY’18 in evening. The competition was in two categories i.e. English Elocution – CLASS- 8 and English Recitation - CLASS -9. The Chief guest of the ceremony was the Principal Capt.(IN) Alokesh Sen.


Inter house Handball Tournament for session 2018-19 Middle section commenced from 24th July ’18. The trophy of session 2018-2019 was clinched by DH consecutively second time in a cut throat match with BH.

Inter House Foot ball Tournament Senior Section was held from 16th July.Panini House stood first and Vyas House is the runner Up


NCC selection for all three wings (ARMY, NAVAL,AIR) was held on July 11th ,18th and 16th.

Total 78 cadets were enrolled.


Rajasthan State Yoga Competition:-

Eleven students (Age Group8-11,11-14and 14-17) participated in Rajasthan State Yoga Competition held in Jaipur on 21stand 22nd July 2018.


March 2018

1. Holi was celebrated by all the students and staff members on 2 March.

2. Maths Inter Class Quiz of class VII was held on 5 March 2018.The students of Class VII B secured first position.

3. Principal Capt.(IN) Alokesh Sen interacted with Class IX students in their respective classrooms on Thursday,15th March,2018

4. The ICT Exam was conducted on 17 March for all the teachers, by BET.

5. The Farewell Function for the ninth class was held in the Vijay Hall of the school on Saturday,24th March,2018 at 5.30pm. Principal Capt.(IN) Alokesh Sen was the Chief Guest on the occasion. It was followed by DJ and Dinner in the adjoining Basketball Ground

6. After the final exams, all the students proceeded for Educational Tours to their respective destinations, escorted by the staff members on 26 March and returned safely.

7. 6 students of school escorted by Mr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari went to Doon School,Dehradun om 31st March to attend the Round Square Conference from 1st April to 9th April,2018.

February 2018

5th Feb

Inter House Yoga competition was held on 5th Feb and the Kumar House secured I position.

8th Feb

Inter House Social Scienc Quiz was held on 8 Feb and Kumar House got first Position.

14th Feb

ICT Training for teachers was organized for around ten days in the Sr. Section

January 2018

4th Jan.2018

9 students and 4 escorts from Birla public school (Mid. Sec.) went for Thar Desert Trekking Expedition from Bikaner to Sanchu BSF post on Pakistan border from 04.01.2018 to 12.01.2018.

17th Jan.2018

The Post Mid Term Examination was conducted from Wednesday, 17th January to 31st January, 2018.

The teachers attended the Learn-torn Training Session in the school.

18th Jan.2018

The workshop on Tablets was conducted in the Computer Lab of the Middle Section.

20th Jan. 2018

15 students from BPS escorted by Mr. M.P. Dwivedi and Mr. S. Nayak went to Delhi University to attend the Youth Parliament.

22nd Jan.2018

The 89th Foundation Day of Birla Education Trust (Basant Panchami) was celebrated at Sharda Peeth.

26th Jan.2018

The Republic Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm on Friday, 26th January, 2018 in the Jr. Sec. Playground of the school. Principal, Captain( IN) Alokesh Sen (Retd) was the Chief Guest of the occasion.

30th Jan.2018

Martyr’s Day was observed on Tuesday,30th January at 11.00am and a silence of two minutes was observed on the occasion.

Principal and Ms. Varsha Ratta departed for Bangaldesh to attend Annual General Meeting of Round Square.



4th December, 2017

· Five students of class X represented school in National Children Science Congress (NCSC) with their science project ‘PETCAT’ at Jodhpur from 4th to 7th December 2017. The School bagged second position at State level and selected for National level.

· National level competition was held from 27th to 31st December 2017 at Ahmadabad ,Gujarat and our project secured 33rd position out of 850 science projects

5th December, 2017

· 28 boys of Middle Section escorted by CTO Army Wing of the school, Mr. Pramod Kumar Singh attended the Nukkad Natak at Ramlila Ground.

9th December, 2017

· 31 students escorted by Mr. M.M. Pathak and Mr. Anirudh Singh Rathore attended the B.E.T. Science Quiz 2017 at Birla Balika Vidyapeeth.

11th December, 2017

· 2 students of Class VIII escorted by Mr. A.H.Khan went to Pilani Public School, Pilani to participate in Inter School Story Writing Competition.

12th December, 2017

· Buddha House beat Vivekananda House with the score of 19-17 in the final of Inter House Basketball Tournament.

13th December, 2017

· 5 boys participated in the Bhoor Singh Memorial Art Competition in the Middle Section School Building.

14th December, 2017

· Nearly 70-80% parents attended the Parent Teacher Meeting scheduled on Thursday, 14th Dec. 2017 from 9.30 to 12.30pm.

15th December 2017

· Winter Break Started form 15th December 2017, the student of all the section left for winter break except class XIIth and one section of class Xth.

18th December 2017

· Winter class for class XII and X Started form 18th December 2017 onwards.


1st Nov.2017

· 8 boys of the section escorted by Mr. Rajnikant went to participate in Yoga Nationals Camp at Mayo College Ajmer.

3rd Nov. 2017

· The 73rd Annual Day was celebrated. Mr. Sonam Wangchuk a renowned personality was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

4th Nov. 2017

· The Old Boys Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm.

· Gurunanak Jayanti was celebrated in all the three sections of the school.

· Mr. A.K. Das attended a lecture on communication skills on at the BBVP auditorium.

9th Nov. 2017

An expert lecture on communication skills by Mr.Shammi Narang was attended by all English teachers along with XI class students in Birla Balika Vidyapeeth.

10th Nov.2017

· Two boys form senior sections visited The Maan School Delhi for attending Vocabulary contests 2017.

11th Nov. 2017

· 15 boys escorted by Mrs. Shephali Sharma went to Birla School Pilani to listen to Itihas Parishad Vaad Vivaad Competition.

12th Nov. 2017

· The students attended a programme of the dance “Bharat Natyam” under the banner of “Spic Macay’. “Ragini Chandrashekhar’ was the artist.

15th Nov. 2017

· 2 students went to Birla Balika Vidyapeeth to participate in the 4th International Art Meet.

· Two students from the section escorted by Mr. Himanshu Kumar went to Jaipur to participate in National Safety Science Quiz on Thursday,

16th November, 2017

· Four teachers went for attend Briefing on evaluation of answer books for AISSE/ AISSCE 2018 at Jaipur.

17th Nov. 2017

· Class 12th student have visited Birla Balika Vidyapeeth for interaction session with Syt. S. K. Birla ji.

18th Nov. 2017

· 25 students escorted by Mr. Manish Kumar Singh went to Birla School Pilani to participate in Inter School Dr. Amarjeet Singh General Science Test.

· 18th Nov. 2017

· Birla Public School Pilani organized BPS Round Square conference, from 19th to 21st November 2017. The theme of the conference was "... Can make a difference" 60 delegates participated from ten different reputed schools of India. Fifty students from Birla Public School also participated in the above conference. It was the student driven conference,

· 21th Nov. 2017

· 16 boys form BPS went for attending NCC navel camp at Jaipur escorted by Mr. Umesh Prasad.

· Two students went to attend national round of CBSE Cryptic crossword contest 2017 at New Delhi.

25th Nov. 2017

· 16 students escorted by Mr. Sukhpal went to Bikaner to participate in the 63rd SGFI Handball National Tournament on Saturday, 25th November, 2017.

· A staff club party was organised in Riddhi Sidhhi Resort at bagar in District Jhunjhunu



1st Oct.2017

· The students took part in the rehearsal of Inter House Cross Country on Sunday, 1st October at 6.00am in the Adventure Field of the school.

2nd Oct.2017

· 5 boys from each house went to the Gandhi statue in BITS campus to participate in the Gandhi Jayanti Programme.

· A small programme was conducted in the Vijay Hall of the school on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. A PPT on the biography of Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was shown to the students in the Vijay Hall of the school.

3rd Oct.2017

· Three students of Senior Section went to Scindhia School, Gwalior to participate in Hindi Debate.

4th October, 2017

· The Cross Country final was held on Wednesday, 4th October, 2017 at 6.00am in the Adventure Field of the school Vashishtha house got the trophy.

· 9 boys went to participate in the Drawing Competition organized by Peacock Restoration Project to BITS Pilani campus.

5th Oct, 2017

· IPSC Yoga Competition was held total 8 students were participated in the competition.

Under 14 Category I Position

Under 17 Category I Position

Master Ansh Gupta of Class VI secured I Position in Rhythmic Yoga (Under 14 Category).

Over all Birla Public School held second position in the IPSC Yoga Competition.

· Round Square international conference 2017. Five students’ one teacher and Principal Birla Public School Pilani attended the International Round Square conference held at Capetown South Africa from 30th September to 5th of October 2017. The theme of the conference was “”let us unite and ignite the fire with in”” This year BPS become International member of Round Square.

9th October, 2017

· Special Godhuli was convened for the photo shoot of India Today team.

· The Mid Term exams were held from Monday, 9th October to 24th October, 2017.

18th Oct.2017

· Godhuli was held on Wednesday, 18th October, 2017 on the occasion of Deepawali.A student briefed the audience about the various facets of the festival.

19th October, 2017

· Deepawali, the festival of Lights was celebrated by the students. The students decorated their respective houses beautifully. Thereafter, they had sky lantern presentation in the Adventure Field of the school.

21st Oct.2017

· The students enjoyed the the Basketball Court. It was followed by the Special Dinner in the Middle Section Dining Hall. Earlier, the students enjoyed the delicious canteen.

23rd October, 2017

· Students of Class IX attended a programme organized by Birla Science Museum.

· Students participated in Video Conferences on different topics with countries like UK and USA. Grade VI and VII boys participated in Face to Faith Video Conference along with students of Jordan, Ukraine and UAE on the topic ‘”Education for Global Citizenship”’.

· Grade III boys bid fare well to Bob the Minion under an Educational Global Exchange Program with students of Burlington, USA named as ‘Bobs Global Travel’.

24th October, 2017

· All the faculty members of Science Department attended a workshop at Birla Science Museum.

25th Oct.2017

· Mr. Siddharth Kumar Rai with five students of Class IX went to Doon School Dehradun to participate in the Round Square Conference.

29th October, 2017

· Admissions Tests for the session 2018-19 were conducted on Sunday, 29thOctober, 2017at Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lucknow, Meerut, Patna and Ranchi centres respectively.

31st Oct 2017

· The five students of BPS and escort Mr K.K.Surothia attended Round Square Conference in Mody School Lakshmangarh.



1st September, 2017


2ndSeptember, 2017

Muslim students went to visit a mosque on the occasion of Id.

A Science Workshop was conducted in the Parents Plaza of the school where practical demonstrations related to all the three sections of Science were held.

5th September, 2017

Teachers Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm.

7th September, 2017

35 boys went to listen to the discourse of Shri Rajeshwaranandji at BK BIET.

Inter House Swimming Meet was held from Grade III to XII

8th -10th September 2017

IPSC Skating Competition was held and begged gold, silver and bronze medal.

11th September, 2017

Capt.(Retd) Alokesh Sen,Principal Birla Public School,Pilani received the ‘CBSE BEST TEACHER AWARD 2016’

16 boys escorted went to Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan ,Jaipur to receive the IDF Awards and medals

Hindi week was celebrated in the school from 11th of Sept. To 16th of Sept. 2017 in the Lotus Hall of the school.


Hindi Poem Recitation was held for Classes III to V on 11th Sept, 2017 and on 21st Sept, 2017 for classes VI and VII.

12th September, 2017

A felicitation programme was organising in honour of Captain Alokesh sen that got the best teacher award by CBSE.

14th September, 2017

31 boys from BPS participated in BITS MUN. Master Manoranjan got High commendation in the event.

15th September, 2017

35 students have participated in the first round of NDTV-UL National Safety Science Quiz.

The final Match of IPSC foot ball tournament played and Mayo College Ajmer won the 1st position.

16th September, 2017

Science and commerce faculty along with 272 selected students of Class VIII, IX and XI attended a two day workshop on following themes: Digital Media for Class VII and IX,Cyber Security for XI Science,E-Commerce for XICommerce with collaboration of “Make Intern” a collaborative unit of IIT Kharagpur. 9 Students are selected for next level competition at IIT Kharagpur.

22th September, 2017

  • Felicitation ceremony in the honour of Capt.(Retd)Alokesh Sen for being recipient of the ‘CBSE BEST TEACHER AWARD 2016’ was organized by the staff in Vijay Hall.
  • BPS received the third position in India for NEW TECHNOLOGIES USAGE conferred by Education World GRAND JURY RANKING 2017-18

23rd September, 2017

  • 5 boys went to Birla School, Pilani to participate in the “Inter BET Hindi Creative Writing Competition”.

26th September, 2017

  • Education World magazine awards Birla public school for securing 9th position in India as India’s best boys boarding School.

28th September 2017

  • The 10 students participated in IPSC MUN at Dally College, Indore.

30th September, 2017

  • The Godhuli on the occasion of Dussehra was convened.


Montessori Day Celebrations

BPS MUN 2017<

71st Independence Day Celebration<

BET Inter School Patriotic Song Competition<

SPIC MACAY Pilani Chapter 13 August,2017<

Rakhi making competition<

Inter Institutional Sanskrit Shalokas Competition 2017<


Investiture Ceremony 2017<

SPIC MACAY Pilani Chapter 26 July,2017<

BET Inter- Institutional Computer Quiz <

Students visit to Pahari Temple (Junior Section) <

BET felicitation ceremony of outstanding students of BET schools AISSCE class XII- 2017 held on 15 July at Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani<

Visit to Pahari Mandir for taking blessing before starting the new session<

Tree plantation drive on the occasion of world environment day


Round square International ART competition

May -2017



The under -19 Football Team of Birla Public School was selected by the School Games Federation of India to represent India at the World School Games Football Championship organised by the International Schools Sports Federation (ISF), the world’s largest sports federation, at Prague, Czech Republic from 21– 29 May, 2017.

·  Europe Tour

This year (from 10th May 2017 to 18th may 2017) there were 21 students travelled to France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland.

April -2017

·  * ROUND SQUARE CONFERENCE :- A group of six students along with an escort teacher Mr. Anil Jangid attended Round Square Conference held at ALL SAINTS COLLEGE, NANITAL from 28th April to 30th April 2017. Master Ishan Singh, Master Kshitiz Bhandari, Master Ammar Sohail, Master Siddharth Kumar, Master Aditya Singh Nirban and Master Akshay Bansal along with Mr. Anil Jangid actively participated in the following activities- Barazza Session, Rock Scrambling, Valley Crossing, Rappelling, Boat Sailing and Cultural Evening.

·  • 1st April, 2017 The farewell of Class IX was held on Saturday,1st April,2017 at 7.00pm in the Basketball ground of the school.

·  • 2nd April 2017:-Movie for Junior, middle and senior section was screened at lotus hall.

·  • 3rd April, 2017.The students of Class IX went for their adventure trip to Pachmarhi and Barapatthar on Monday, 3rd April, 2017.

·  • 4th April, 2017 The boys of Junior Section of Class VIII reported to Middle Section on Tuesday, 4th April, 2017.

·  • 7th April, 2017 The new students arrived on Friday, 7th April, 2017 and settled comfortably in the houses allotted to them.

·  • 8th April, 2017 The students attended the Rubik’s cube training session by the students of BITS in the Lotus Hall on Saturday, 8th April, 2017 and 9th April, 2017 respectively.

·  • 10th April, 2017 The new boys Entertainment Programme was conducted on Monday, 10th April, 2017 in the Lotus Hall at 6.00pm.

·  • 13th April, 2017 The Godhuli was conducted on the occasion of Baisakhi on Thursday, 13th April, 2017 at 6.00pm.

·  • 15 April 2017 New students welcome party was organized on 15 April 2017.The principal was the chief guest of the occasion. New students introduced themselves and students from all houses presented cultural programmes.

·  • 16 April 2017 500 BPS students participated in World records for solving cubicles at gliders club Pilani.

·  • 18 April 2017 English calligraphy competition was held on 18th April2017. Best five students were selected as winners.

·  • 20th April, 2017 Emergency evacuation drill was held on 20th April 2017 in all sections of BPS

• 22 April 2017 Library committee meeting was held at sr. section on 22nd April 2017. All the HOD’s and student house representatives participated in the meeting.

• Earth day was celebrated by conducting different activities, like poster making competition, Earth day online quiz and Inter House Rangoli making competition.

·  • Two students of every House attended the Mess Committee meeting in the Senior Mess on Saturday, 22nd April.2017 at 5.00pm. .

·  • 23rd April 2017 Movie for Junior, middle and senior section was screened at lotus hall.

·  • 24th April, 2017 The Inter House Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competition were held on Monday, 24th April, 2017 in the Middle Section on the occasion of Earth Day .

·  • 25th April, 2017 Fire Fighting Demonstration Drill for the students of Middle Section was conducted on the Basketball court on Monday, 5th of April, 2017 at 5.15pm.

·  • No vehicle day was observed in the BPS campus.

·  • 26th April, 2017 The students were divided into various clubs on Tuesday, 26th April from 9.30 to 11.30am.

·  • Dr. Navin Singh , Associate Professor, BITS delivered a talk on "Physics in Biology: DNA" on 27th April,2017 for science students of class XII and XI. The talk was primarily based on how physics is applied in Biology.

·  • 28th April, 2017 A special Assembly was conducted in the Lotus Hall of the school on Friday,28th April at 7.30am. on the topic Conservation of Electricity.

·  • 29 April 2017 A Visit to Birla museum was organized on.29th April 2017.All the new students were made familiar with the BITS Campus.

• 30th April, 2017 Shakespeare Day was celebrated in the school on Sunday, 30th April, 2017 at 9.30 a.m. in the Lotus Hall. Honourable Director, Gen.S. S.Nair, AVSM was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

·  * Our Nine Students (Ankush(BPSST5008324) , Archit( BPSST5010071), Gaurav(BPSST5008968), Kaushal (BPSST5010001), Pursharth (BPSST5009982), Rahul Bansal (BPSST5009255) , Sanjay Dudi (BPSST5010022) , Dhruv Pathak (BPSST5000540), Harshit (BPSST5009934) qualified in JEE Main 2017.

March -2017

·  A (Parents’ Resource) – Mrs. Poornima an International archer and Dronacharya awardees visited the school On 6th March 2017,and shared her archery skills with the students of BPS.

·  An Special assembly was conducted On 8th March 2017 on women’s contribution in different fields.

·  Math’s Quiz was conducted on 8th March 2017 and four boys from each house participated.

·  English Declamation was held on 9th March, 2017.

·  The Inter House Sanskrit Shloka Competition was held on 10th March, 2017.

·  On the occasion of Holi, Godhuli was held on 11th March, 2017. All the students of Middle Section attended it.

·  On 13th March 2017, Holi was celebrated in the school. All the members of staff and students celebrated dry Holi ie Holi without water; and played with Gulal only.

·  A farewell party was organized in Jr Section on 14 March 2017 to wish good luck to class VII boys. Many students shared their experiences of staying in junior section.

·  All the students of Middle Section went for an outing to BITS Campus on Wednesday, on 15th March, 2017 from 2.45 to 5.45pm. They were escorted by the entire pastoral team.

·  On 18th March 2017 Hindi Declamation Competition was held.

·  On 20th March, 2017Honorable Director BET, Maj. Gen. S.S. Nair AVSM, addressed the staff of Middle Section in the Science Room from 3.30 to 5.30pm.

·  On 22 nd March 2017 BPS Horse riding team participated in IPSC Riding competition and bagged 3rd position.

·  Honorable Ex- minster Mr. Salaman Khurshid visited BPS on 26th March 2017 and had an interaction with faculty and students of BPS.

February -2017

· Basant Panchami was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm at the Saraswati Temple Complex at 9.30am.The Chief Guest on the occasion was Mr.Advani,President Modi College,Lakshamangarh.

· Godhuli was also conducted in the basketball court of the school at 5.15pm on Wednesday,1st February,2017 on the occasion of Basant Panchami.

· Twelve students from our school participated in Round Square Virtual conference on 02/02/2017. The theme of the conference was "More we less me"

· 20 boys of Middle Section went to Birla School Pilani to participate in the B.E.T.Talent Search Examination at 11.00am.

· 12 boys went to BITS on Saturday and Sunday to take part in BITS MUN on 11th February, 2017 at 2.00 pm and 8.00am respectively.

· 12 boys went to Modi School,Lakshamangarh to appear in the second round of SOF Olympiad related to NCO,NSO and IMO on Sunday,12th Feb. 2017 at 4.30am.They were escorted by Mr.M.K.Saxena.

· A Hindi feature film was shown to Junior, Middle and senior section students.

· The third International Art Meet was held at BBVP from 13th to 18th Feb. 2017.One Student from Middle Section Sunday Bengia participated in this event. Professional artists from Germany,Japan and from India shared their experiences and culture with the students.

· The Inter House Cricket matches were conducted from 15th Feb, 2017. Mahavir House lifted the trophy for the session.

· The Inter House GK quiz was conducted on 15th Feb.2017. Bal House stood first.

· 6 boys went to BITS to participate in the Economic Week of BITS at 5.00pm on 16th Feb2017 .They were escorted by Mr. Nitin Choudhary.

· Mr. A.K.Das attended the workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management conducted by CBSE at Birla Shishu Vihar on 16th and 17th of February, 2017 from 8.30 am to 5.00pm.

· Classes VIII and IX went to the Lotus Hall of the school to listen to the procedure of the Round Square Conference. Besides, this, the students were also addressed by the Principal regarding 3- D Animation.

· Inter House Skating competition was held on 18th Feb2017.Kishore House stood First.

· New software Learntron has been introduced to students and teachers on 21 February 2017.The experiment of new lesson plan in the software was done in class III and VI C with newly added features like pre class and post class assignments and online test in class.

· Teachers of Senior ,Middle & Junior Section attended the training Seminar on Office 365 by Kamtron Systems Private Limited on 21st February,2017 from 3.00 to 5.00pm in the Activity Room.

· Wall Painting “The Art on Wall” was organized by BET from Birla Shishu Vihar to Birla Balika Vidyapeeth gate on 21st February, 2017.Eighteen students from BPS participated in this event.

· Seven teachers from Middle Section attended a workshop in Junior Section on 22nd February, 2017 from 3.30 to 5.00pm related to the use of tablets for the teaching learning process of the students.

· Inter house Social Science quiz was conducted on 22nd Feb2017. BAL HOUSE won the First Position.

· 5th Annual BET Conference on “Progressive Educational Practices” was attended by all the staff members in BBVP, on27th Feb.2017.

· A special assembly related to the farewell of Class XII students was conducted in the Lotus Hall of the school on Tuesday, 28th Feb.2017 at 8.30am.Mr. Col.D.Choudhury, Ex Principal BPS was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

· 2 boys of Class IX escorted by Mrs. Babita Sharma went to BITS to participate in the Science Quiz and Poster Making Competition from 2.00pm to 5.30pm.Our school bagged third position in the Quiz.

January -2017

A video conference of class VII C with the students of USA on Asian and European elephants was held on 19 January 2017. Students discussed the characteristics of these elephants.

New Tabs of Extra marks were introduced to teachers and students on 23 January 2017. One class has been given tabs to test the newly added features like online test in class, sending remarks to the houses through tabs.

Meeting was attended by all the staff members on NABET, Conducted by the Principal and the respective in-charges on 28 January 2017.

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in the Junior Section playground of the school on Thursday, 26th January,2017 at 9.30am.The tricolour was hoisted by the Principal Capt.(IN) Alokesh Sen.

The Martyrs Day was observed on Monday, 30th January, 2017 at 11.00am. All the students and staff members of the school observed two minutes silence on the occasion as a mark of respect.

All the students appeared for their English Olympiad Test on Tuesday, 31st January,2017 from 4.00 to 5.00pm in the Middle Section School building. International English Olympiad (IMO) held in Sr. section of BPS.

A Career counseling session for class XII was conducted in the Sr. Section on Tuesday, 31st January,2017 from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

The school outsourced the services of the Institute Of Career Studies , Lucknow and conducted a personal counseling for the students of Class X from January 27th to January 31st ,2017 successfully. The Counselors were Mr. Kamalakar Dewedi and Mrs. Mitu Sinha.

December -2016

Inter House Badminton tournament was held on 2nd December 2016. Vyas house won the Trophy.

Bhoor Singh Memorial Art Competition was organized in BPS on 3rd December 2016. All BET schools participated in the competition. Birla Public School stood third.

A Video conference was conducted on 8th December 2016 with the students of Budapest, on the topic ‘Celebration across the world’. 20 students from classes IV to VII participated in it and discussed the holidays and festivals celebrated in India.

Camelin Art Competition for Jr., Middle and Senior sections was held in the school on 10th, 12th, and 28th Dec.2016 respectively. More than 200 students participated in the competition.

A Cultural Evening was organized on 14 December for the students, before they proceeded to their homes for the winter vacation.

Sahodaya literature Competition was organized on 14th December 2016 in Jutharam School, Pilani. Birla Public School won the trophy.

A team of 7 students along with a teacher escort attended IPSC Literary Festival 2016 at Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School, Jodhpur from 17th to 19th December 2016. Kumar Vinayak of Birla Public school stood first in both ‘Toon Boom’ (Extempore on R K Laxman's Cartoon) and Ye Bhi Wo Bhi (Hindi Turn Coat). Gopal K Sharma stood fourth in Hansgulley (Comedy Poem). Overall 14 schools from all over the country participated in the Lit fest.

A Workshop on NABET was organized from 28th -30th December 2016 in the AV Room. Total 16 faculty members including the Principal attended it. The Annual Day of Birla Public School was celebrated on Friday,4th November,2016.The Chief Guest on the occasion was Hon’ble Mr.Justice Bharat Bhushan, sitting Judge of Allahabad High Court. The Indoor Programme consisted of a series of items based on the theme the “Panchbhootas” or the five elements of Nature. It was followed by the presentation of a Cheque amounting to one lakh seven thousand rupees to CRY(Child Rights and You)

November -2016

The Old Boys Day was celebrated on, 5th November, 2016.

The grand book fair was organised from 8th -10th November, 2016 in junior, Middle and senior sections with the collaboration of Kohli book distributors, Delhi.

The Inter House Hindi Recitation and Declamation for middle section was held on 9th November, 2016 in the Vijay Hall of the school. The Chairperson for the competition was Dr. Abhinav Shukla, Headmaster, Middle Section.

The Inter House English Recitation and Declamation for middle section was held on 11th November, 2016.

25 students went to take part in Dr.Amarjeet Singh Science Trophy Test to Birla Balika Vidyapeeth on 12th November,2016.

Around 10 video conferences of class III to VII students were held in the month of November with the students of different countries, like Croatia, USA,Ukraine, Mexico, Hungry and more.

The Inter House Football Tournament for middle section was played from 13th November, 2016 to 18th November, 2016. Buddha House bagged the Football trophy for the session 2016-17.

Gurunanak Jayanti was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm in the school mess at 12.45pm on 14th November, 2016. The students recited the Gurbani in unison and then the Prasad was offered to Gurunanak Devji .

46 Students of Class VII, VIII and IX visited CEERI on 15th Nov’2016 for Science festival organized by VigyanBharti to spread awareness about inventions in Sciences and new technologies.

Hindi Recitation Competition for Junior Section was held on 17 November2016.

Under the umbrella of Social Awareness Campaign,75 students of Class IX A and IX B went to Morwa on 19th November,2016 .There they visited the Government School and also distributed note books and clothes to the students.

A workshop on the topic “Hindi-Dasha and Disha” based on the problem of Classroom teaching in Hindi was held on Saturday,19th November,2016 in the A.V.Room of Senior Section at 4.00pm.It was attended by all the Hindi teachers of BET schools.

7 boys of the section escorted by Mr.Umesh Prasad went to take part in Vigyan Manthan Competitive Examination (Level-I) conducted by NCERT to Kendriya Vidyalaya , Jhunjhunu on Sunday,20th November,2016.

English Debate Competition for Junior Section was held on 21 November 2016.

Two Video conferences, one with Odessa Gymnasium School, Ukraine and DL DAV Shalimar Bagh, Delhi on the topic “Peace and Reconciliation” and another with Sintemeesten College, Netherlands on the topic “Gender-based Discrimination”, were held this month on 15th Nov and 25th Nov, 2016 respectively. 30 boys from classes 7th to 9th participated in the conferences.

On 25th Nov 2016,Few students of class V participated in a local activity called Timeline under the UNESCO Time Project, where they discussed the role of their ancestors in time keeping devices.

The boys of Social service club went to visit all the three messes of the school on 26th November and spread awareness about hygiene and cleaning of surrounding.

18 students from Adventure Activity Team visited Govt. Primary School of Thirpali village on 26.11.2016.HM, Dr. Abhinav Shukla had interacted with underprivileged children of the school.

The Inter House Science Quiz Competition (Middle section) for the Session 2016-17 was conducted in the Lotus Hall, on 28th November 2016.

Camlin Art Contest was held in Middle Section Art Room on Tuesday, 29th November, 2016 .The theme of the competition was “Dream Art Room”. The competition was open for students from Class VII to IX.

The Inter House Hindi Debate Competition (Senior Section) was held on29th November, 2016 at Lotus Hall. The first position was bagged by Gopal Krishan of Katyan House.

Around 50 students of Classes III, IV and V participated in Skype on 29 and 30 November2016. They took guest lecturers with five countries.

On 29th Nov.2016 basket ball final (senior section) was played.Kanad house won the trophy.

October - 2016

The staff members went to the Gandhi Statue in BITS to participate in the function held on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Director BET. Maj.Gen.S.S.Nair,AVSM, gave away books to the students who had delivered speeches on the occasion.

• 17 Students participated in All India IPSC Skating Championship held at L K Singhania , Gotan from 1st October to 3rd October 2016. Our students won three bronze medals.

• The students of Class VII A and B visited the ‘Vishwa Shanti Mela’ on 4th October 2016 which was organized by "Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya,Pilani.".

• 176 students of 9th standard along with 4 Science teachers visited CEERI to attend a workshop on the preparation of metallic devices and visited the Museum. • Parent Teacher meeting was held on 8th October 2016.

• Our school participated in Round Square International Conference at Stiftung, louisenlund from10 to 16 Oct.2016.The theme of the conference was "THE JOURNEY THAT MAKES US"

• Under the banner of Spic Macay ,the students were shown the programme of Shehnai Vadan by Pandit Dayashankarji in the Vijay Hall on 8th of October,2016 at 11.15a.m.

• Video conferences of classes III to VII were held between 10th October to 21st October 2016, with the students of different countries, like Australia, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Ireland, Los Angeles etc.

• Panel discussion on GST was held on 14th Oct, 2016 in the auditorium of Birla Balika Vidyapeeth. There were four teams from each BET schools. Mr. S.K. Birla was the guest of the evening. The students had discussion on GST. Kumar Vinayak, Sarthak Agarwal, and Shreyash jaiswal were the participants from BPS .Mr. S.K.Birla appreciated the participants for their study on GST.

• On 15th October, 2016 RTI CUP COMPETITION was held at Birla Balika Vidyapeeth. Four students of class IX and six students of class X participated in the competition.

• IntraBITS-MUN2016-17 was held on 15 & 16th Oct, 2016 in BITS. The team of 42 students from our school participated & proved their potential. Master Kumar Vinayak bagged the Best Delegate Prize.

• Cyber Security Week was celebrated from Monday, 17th to Saturday, 22nd of October, 2016.In this week different activities were conducted.

• 15 boys from Middle Section went to L.K.Singhania Gotan on Wednesday, 19th October, 2016 to participate in the I.P.S.C.Band Competition.

• Mr.JohnMason, the Education Advisor came on a visit to the school on19th October, 2016. He visited classrooms in all the three sections, thereafter; he saw a short play enacted by the boys in the Vijay Hall.

• English Poetry Recitation Competition for Jr section was held on 20th October 2016.

• 15 boys of Middle Section escorted by Mr. Sukhpal went to Ratlam on, 20th October, 2016 to take part in I.P.S.C. Handball Tournament.

• Godhuli was celebrated on the occasion of Diwali on Saturday, 29th October, 2016 at 5.30pm.

• A smokeless and cracker less Diwali was celebrated by teachers and students in the school. Lantern making and house decoration competitions were held to entertain the children.

September - 2016

1. Handball Inter House Matches in senior section were held from 3rd to 10th sep.2016.Kanad House stood first.

2. Teachers’ Day was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in the school on Monday, 5th Sept.2016. The students took up the job of running the school and the houses right from morning till the night prep.

3. On 6th September2016, 30 boys escorted by Mr. R.S. Shekhawat went to B.K.B.I.E.T. to listen to the religious discourse of Pandit Rajeshwaranandji at 5.30pm.

4. IPSC GK Test was conducted on Wednesday, 7th Sept.2016 in the zero period of the school.

5. Parent Teachers’ Meeting for Junior Section was held on 9th September 2016.Parents discussed the academic performance of their wards with the respective teachers.

6. PTM for Middle Section was conducted on10th Sept.2016 after recess. The parents met the concerned teachers and got themselves updated with the academic progress of their wards.

7. A CBSE Workshop on “Capacity building Programmme on Mathematics for class X was held on 10th and 11th Sep.2016. Total 54 teachers from 17 schools participated in the workshop. Mrs Ishita Mukherjee and Mr. Shahid Qureshi were the resource persons.

8. The students of Shishu Griha I and II were shifted to the newly constructed building on 13 September2016 after pooja.

9. Hindi Diwas was celebrated with great interest and enthusiasm in the school on Tuesday,13th September,2016.Two students of the school went to Birla School,Pilani to participate in Inter BET Hindi Poem Recitation Competition. Master Parth Raj of Class VIII bagged first position in the competition. The school also won the trophy for the competition.

10. A video conference for class III students, with the students of Canada on ‘Poetry Magic’. was held on 21 September 2016,

11. Five students participated in IPSC Yoga Competition, held at Mayo College, Ajmer. It was held from 21 to 23 September 2016. The students won the Best out of Best and overall trophy in Yoga.

12. On 15th September Global Collaboration Day (GCD) hosted a project named "Poetry Magic". They presented rhymes and poems to Grade 3 students of Canada and Russia through Video Conferencing. The feedback about the presentation was shared on Padlet.

13. On 25 September 2016 the students escorted by teachers moved to tours and treks to different places and in different groups.

14. Four boys of Middle Section left for S.R.N. International School, Jaipur on Monday,26th September to take part in CBSE Lawn Tennis Competition.

15. Seven boys of Middle Section went To L.K.Singhania,Gotan on Friday,30th September,2016 to participate in the I.P.S.C. Skating Championship.

August - 2016

9th August,2016

The Founders Day of Middle Section was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm on Tuesday,9th August,2016 in the Vijay Hall of the school at 7.00pm.The Chief Guest on the occasion was none other than the Honourable Principal Capt.(IN) Alokesh Sen.

12th August,2016

The Inter Institutional Patriotic Song Competition was held in the Vijay Hall of the school on 12th August,2016 at 3.30pm. Five schools participated in the competition. The judges minutely listened to the songs and appreciated the patriotic fervour of the students singing the songs.The competition was won by Birla Public School.

13th August,2016

The Parent Teacher meeting for Middle Section was held on Saturday,13th August,2016 from 11.00am onwards. The parents met the teachers concerned of their wards and came to know about their child’s progress. Thereafter,they took lunch in the Middle Section mess and took local leave for their wards.

15th August,2016

The Independence Day was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm on Monday,15th August,2016 at 7.45am.Honourable Principal Capt.IN Alokesh Sen hoisted the flag and took salute of the parade and gave good wishes on the occasion.

16th August,2016

The second formative tests were conducted from Tuesday,16th August to 19th August,2016 in which the students got to know their academic progress.

18th August,2016

Rakshabandhan was celebrated with great interest in the campus on Thursday,18th August,2016.The students who had their sisters in Birla Balika Vidyapeeth were taken to meet their sisters and spend time with them on the occasion. They were escorted by the Superintendents Mr.Rajbeer Singh and Mr.Rattipal Singh Shekhawat.

25th August,2016

Janamashtami was celebrated with enthusiasm on Thursday,25th August,2016.The students worshipped Lord Krishna in their respective houses and remembered his teachings so that they could come up and improve in their life.

31st August,2016

The 12th All India Vidya Niketan Diamond Jubilee Memorial English Debate which read as “Spending billions of dollar on Space Mission is not justified for a welfare state like India when millions of people struggle for a square meal” was conducted at 8.00am on 31st August,2016 in the Lotus Hall of Birla Public School. Commander V.K.Banga (Retd.),Principal, Mann School, Delhi was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Director B.E.T. Maj. Gen.S.S.Nair, AVSM, Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, Principal, Birla School, Capt.(IN) Alokesh Sen, Principal, Birla Public School, Mr.Nikhil Rudra, Bursar, Birla Public School and Headmaster Middle Section,Mr. A.B.Sati also graced the occasion. 16 reputed schools across the country participated in the debate. The judges for the debate were Mrs. Devraj Mukherjee, Professor, English, Ramjas College,DelhiUniversity,Mr.Virendra Singh Nirban,Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies, BITS, Pilaniand Dr. Debolina Dey, A ssistant Professor, Ramjas College, Delhi University respectively.

The debaters exhibiting their oratorical skills reverberated the hall with their forceful and persuasive arguments for and against the motion. First position in the debate was bagged byOshin Sharma of Emarald Heights International, Indore. Close on their heels was Pravesh Agnihotri of Emarald Heights International, Indore who stood second. The third position was bagged by Kumar Vinayak of Birla Public School,Pilani. Fourth position was bagged by Meha Kaul of M.G.D. Jaipur. Fifth position was bagged by Raghav Vashistha of Rajkumar College Rajkot. The coveted trophy was lifted by Emarald Heights International, Indore.

The Chief Guest and the judges during their speeches highly appreciated the performance of the debaters. The Chief Guest gave away the prizes to the winners. The Chief Guest and the judges were honoured by the Honourable Director,B.E.T., Maj.Gen. S.S. Nair. The vote of thanks was proposed by the Event Manager Master Gaurav Paul. Paul.

July - 2016

1. Godhuli was conducted on Thursday, 7th of July, 2016 at 5.45pm on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr.

2. The students of BPS went for the Pahari temple in the first and second week of July and had the holy darshan of Lord Hanuman.

3. Hindi Calligraphy Competition was conducted on 14thjuly, 2016.

4. Two lady Teaching Assistants from UK reached Birla Public School on 13 July 2016, they will stay in school for two months.

5. On 15th July, 2016 grade V interacted on Mystery Skype with students of Argentina.

6. On 15th July, 2016 ‘Quiz competition’ based on environment was held.

7. On 16th July, 2016 all the club members presented one programme each.

8. On 16th July, 2016 Hindi Dohas were recited by the students of Class VI.

9. Inter house Football matches in Junior Section were held from 18th July, 2016 to 25th July, 2016.

10. The Salters’ Chemistry Camp, India was organized at BITS, Pilani from 18th to 20th July 2016. 64 students from sixteen schools participated in this camp. The Camp was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of BITS.

11. The students of Class VII A and VII B (63students) visited Birla Museum and Gallery on Saturday, 23rd July, 2016.

12. The students of Middle Section were taken for a Magic Show at 4.30pm.

13. Two students of Class VIII, Master Utkarsh Mishra and Aditya Kumar, participated for (Aavishkar CBSE Online Quiz for Science and Tech.) on 26th July,2016 at 11.30 to 12.15 pm in the Middle Section, Computer Room. The theme for the month was “Atmosphere”. Two students out of 30 were selected to participate in the Quiz.

14. On 28th July 2016 class IV interacted on Mystery Skype with students of New Zealand.

15. The first Inter House English Recitation and Declamation for the session 2016-17 was conducted on Friday, 29th July, 2016 at 5.00pm in the Vijay Hall of the school. .

April - 2016

1. As a prelude to Earth day celebration the Hiking club of BPS under took the cycle expedition for a distance of 650 Kilometers from Pilani toDeshnok(Bikenar).The Expedition was flagged off of the Director BET Maj.GenS.S.Nair(AVSM).The duration of this expedition was of 10 days i.e. from 1st to 10th April 2016.The Expedition Team comprise of three teachers and 12 students. The motto of the expedition was to spread awareness on importance of “Water Harvesting”.

2. 8 students along with three teachers attended the “Theater workshop” conducted by the World famous Globe Theatre dedicated to propagation of Shakespere’s Theatre. It was a three daysworkshop from 12thApril to 14th April 2016 held at Birla VidyaNiketanPuspVihar New Delhi.

3. Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April 2016 by conducting various activities like skit in Assembly, Save Earth poster making,Rangoli making, Online Quiz etc.Students made paper bags and distributed in market in Pilani and explained people the hazards of plastic bags, the students were escorted by teachers.

4. The fourth B.E.T joint progressive conference was held in BPS on 20th April2016.It was attended by the all the BET Teachers of Pilani schools and few selected teachers of BIS.

5. Sunderkand Path was organized in BPS.

6. In order to inculcate the importance of labour day amongst the students and to show them the dignity of labor .BPS organized the special Lunch for all the class IV staff in the school.The best part of this event was that the students of class XII served the food to all of them.

7. Mrs.Jayanti Devi attended the workshop on CLDP organized by BITS Pilani Library Division. It was a two days workshop organized on 8th and 9th April,2016,where eminent LIS scholars from leading universities and organizations delivered their presentations on various important topics of Library Science.


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